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Are You Okay With Your Six-Year-Old Dating?

How old is old enough to be interested in blind dates? 16, 15, 14?  How about 6? That's what MGA Entertainment Inc., maker of Bratz® dolls, thinks - yes, six! So does Fred Meyer's retail buyers, apparently, since they promoted this product in their Christmas advertising and have previously said.when we complained about products that they were selling that were negative, that they leave it up to the consumer to decide. (Their letter.)

The Bratz & Bratz Boyz Secret Date Collection is in toy stores nationwide. These "action figures" feature Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Jade looking way too grown up to be a child's toy. Each Bratz girl is paired with a mystery Bratz Boy--included in the package but hidden from view. And each Secret Date Collection comes with two champagne glasses, a bottle and "tons of date night accessories."

Here's how the back of the box reads: "It's 7 p.m. Saturday Night: You're all dressed up and ready for your blind date to arrive when suddenly-- the doorbell rings! Immediately, your heart begins to pound! Who will it be? What will he be like? What does he have planned? It's all a secret until you open the door and find out!"

Going out with someone you know nothing about can have dangerous consequences in real life. Do we really want our daughters pretending to go on blind dates at six years old?

Do we want to reinforce that what girls want matters less than what "he has planned"?

Send a strong message to MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian, President Mel Woods and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ron Brawer telling them to show a little common sense. Click "Act Now" below and demand they recall the Bratz & Bratz Boyz Secret Date Collection.

Click here to take automatic action:

Source: DADsAct! from the Dads & Daughters Organization,

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