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Membership is based on the type of licence held. Acceptance and invitation to become a member is at the discretion of the BWRDC.

The types of membership are

  • FULL MEMBERSHIP Holders of International or National A MSA Licences
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Holders of National B MSA licences
  • OFFICIALS MEMBERSHIP Holders of MSA Official's licences
  • SUPPORTER MEMBERSHIP No competition licence necessary
  • WHEELERS For past competing members

The Official and Supporter Sections consists of women involved with timekeeping, scrutineering, marshalling, etc, family and friends.

Our objective is to promote WOMEN IN MOTORSPORT, and we are keen to encourage and assist any woman who is, or wishes to become involved in any form of the sport.

Motorsport may be new to you. By becoming a member of the BWRDC you will have the opportunity to 'tap into' a wealth of experience and guidance that a specialist club like ours can offer.

The opportunity to receive recognition for your achievements through our prestigious championships.

Our club has secured 'a voice' at the Motor Sport Association Ltd., the Governing Body for Motorsport in the UK, through the Women in Motor Sport Working Group. So, let us know what YOU want to see happening in motor sport.

You may already be a member of a motor club but does your club focus on the particular needs you have? WE CERTAINLY DO!

In addition to the above, we offer exclusive club insignia, and quarterly newsletters for the latest news, views, interesting articles and social events.

Although we do not organise events, the BWRDC Championships are based on members performances in their own formula.

If you would like to join the BWRDC please email a short paragraph about yourself to our Membership Secretary.

Starting in Motorsport

What is Motor Sport?

Motor Sport is one of the most successful and popular sports in Britain. There are around 750 registered motor clubs which organise over 4,300 events a year in 22 different disciplines. There are at least 100,000 competitors, of which some 30,000 individuals hold MSA Competition licences. A1though it is often perceived as a male dominated sport, there are many more successful female participants than you might Imagine.

Who can compete?

Anyone over the age of 8, male or female, can drive competitively. As for cars, many forms of Motor Sport can be tackled with completely standard road cars, while others permit only very limited modifications. Some types of Motor Sport require each car to carry a passenger, often as an active participant , so you don't necessarily even need a car to be a competitor.

What if I don't want to compete?

You don't have to be a competitor to become actively involved. A great many rewarding and enjoyable opportunities exist in all areas of the sport, from the organization of events to marshalling. You can even seek permanent employment. Great Britain is the centre of Motor Sport, with over 50,000 men and women employed as truck drivers, secretaries, mechanics or salespeople, and in PR, administration and planning.

How do I find out more?

Contact the Motor Sports Association (MSA) for further information

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