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Dr. Dean Edell, one of the first physician broadcasters in the nation, is the host of America's second most popular syndicated radio talk show, The Dr. Dean Edell Show, heard in more than 400 radio stations, as well as the anchor of Medical Minutes, a series of ten weekly radio medical reports. He is also the host of the daily 90-second Medical Report seen in 75 television markets. Dr. Edell is known for translating complicated medical information into concise, easy-to-understand reports and for tackling topics that are obscure, unusual and often controversial. He is the author of two books, Eat, Drink and Be Merry: The Online Guide and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Healthiness.

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Surgery Not Necessary For Non-Retractable Foreskin
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Volunteers Needed For Circumcision Sensitivity Study
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My Son's Penis Is Infected. Is Circumcision The Cure?
A Hero In The Fight Against Circumcision
African Boys Are Being Circumcised By Force. Is AIDS Panic The Cause?
My Uncircumcised 2-Year-Old Grimaces And Pulls On His Penis. Is Something Wrong?
Do Some Mohels Even Agree That Circumcision Is Wrong?
What Do You Think About The Circumcision Poster Baby?
Where Can I Find The 'Intact Man' Photos?

Was Circumcision Good For Him?
What Is The Prognosis After A Circumcision Complication?
How Do You Reconstruct A Foreskin?
Circumcision Without Analgesia? Adults Wouldn't, Why Should Babies?
Let's Not Circumcise Boys Or Girls
Did The Doctor Botch This Circumcision?
Tide Is Turning Against Circumcision
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Should We Circumcise Our Infant Boy?
Circumcision: A Closer Look
What Is Circumcision?
When And Why Did Doctors In The U.S. Start Circumcising Babies?
If My Son Isn't Circumcised, Won't He Be Teased?
Is Circumcision Painful?
Does Circumcision Have Risks?
Is Circumcision Surgery?
What Are Trends In Parents' Views Of Circumcision?
A Crusader Against Circumcision: Marilyn Milos
Do Circumcised Men Like Oral Sex More?
What's The Fuss About?
Are Intact Men Better Lovers Than Circumcised Men?
Still Arguing After 2 1/2 Years
The Doctor Insisted
Mom: A Day Of Vindication
And God Said To Do What?
Nurses Don't Like It Either

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