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3/1/04 - Time Magazine comments on campaign
2/22/04 - San Francisco Chronicle writer defends Boys Are Stupid products. Menstuff responds
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Miscellanous Removals: Bon Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Claire's, Dapy's (Universal Studios), Delia's, Dillard's, Holt Renfrew (Canada), and Tilly's clothing stores
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Rotten Cotton and Future Wife Beater T-shirts plus items at David & Goliath, It's Happy Bunny and Border's Books and Flatline stickers

2/2/04: Message from Glenn Sacks. As many of you know, it’s been a big media week for our campaign against the "Boys are Stupid--Throw Rocks at Them" products. Our campaign was the subject of an Associated Press article "Retailers pull 'Boys Are Stupid' products " (MSNBC, 1/29/04) which has been picked up by over 300 newspapers and news outlets worldwide, including most major American TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers. Newspapers in Canada, England, New Zealand, and even South Africa have printed the article.

The Los Angeles Daily News wrote their own front page story on it on Friday and over the past few days I’ve been on Fox News and KABC TV in various cities and on KTLA 5 here in LA. Today Inside Edition is coming down to the KMPC studios to shoot a piece on it, and Dr. Laura gave our campaign a passionate endorsement on Friday, declaring it to be a "Dr. Laura Call to Action"--see www.DrLaura.com .

I've done and have scheduled about a dozen radio appearances, including ones in Seattle, Phoenix, Detroit, and Los Angeles, and on the Westwood One, Radio America and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation networks. Our campaign has been trashed by Dom Giordano on WPHT-AM in Philadelphia, "Monsters of the Midday" on 104.1 in Tampa, Florida, Dennis Roddy in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Boys can't take a joke, throw rocks at them, 1/31/04), as well as numerous others.

Given the media barrage I have decided that instead of targeting a new company this week we should instead use our resources to defend our campaign in the media. Stories on our campaign have appeared in most newspapers and I want His Side listeners to write letters to the editors in support of our campaign. The e-mail addresses for the letters to the editor sections of 25 major newspapers can be found at Contact Editors about the His Side Campaign . Be polite, but let the editors know exactly how you feel. Feel free to forward me copies of what you have sent to Glenn@HisSide.com. (Editor: cc us to, if you would!)

The best place for all information on the campaign and its media coverage is Join Campaign Against 'Boys are Stupid' Products. The most comprehensive article on the campaign so far is MND Newswire's Radio Campaign Knocks Anti-Boy Products Out of 3,000 Retail Stores (1/29/04).

Thanks to all of you for the campaign's success--all of you have made the world a little bit better for our sons. Glenn Sacks from His Side

1/29/04 Message from Glenn Sacks: In an article about our campaign (see Retailers pull 'Boys are Stupid' products at MSNBC) and it was published today in nearly 100 newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Toronto Sun, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Dallas Morning News, Guardian, Newsday, Miami Herald, Florida Sun-Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, and the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Also see the MND Newswire story Radio Campaign Knocks Anti-Boy Products out of 3,000 Retail Stores.

I have made or have scheduled several radio and TV appearances about the campaign--for details, click on His Side Campaign in the News.


Message from Glenn Sacks. Regarding our campaign against the widely sold "Boys Are Stupid" products, some interesting things may be happening with the campaign this week, and all updates are available at Join His Side Campaign Against 'Boys are Stupid' Products .

Apparently the result of a meeting at Claire's was a decision to request that all letter writers and callers send Claire's their full names and mailing addresses so that Claire's could snail mail them a response. I speculate that Claire's did this to gauge our true level of support. Perhaps they believe that our campaign is really the work of a few individuals with a bunch of different e-mail addresses. Also, I believe they are stalling in the hope that our campaign will lose steam.

As I said during my January 18 broadcast, I did not expect Claire's to give in as quickly as our three previous targets did, all of whom capitulated before noon the day following our broadcast. Please give them the information they requested so they will see the broad support our campaign has garnered. Also, urge your families, friends, and colleagues to get involved.

The campaign against Claire's has received some prominent endorsements and press coverage. and has made local news in Cleveland, Washington state, and others. There are major media outlets who have expressed an interest in covering our campaign, though if our action against Claire’s fails they probably won't materialize.

There have been several columns written about our campaign including: Brian Carnell's Clothing Retailers Are Stupid -- Throw Glenn Sacks at Them; Pete Jensen's Praise the Lord and Pass the Iron; Richard L. Davis' Boys are Stupid?; and Fox News columnist Wendy McElroy's Christmas in a War Zone.

I enjoyed Carnell's headline but his carping surprises me a bit. Men's activists have spent years and decades decrying our culture's anti-male bias and total insensitivity to the issues men and boys face. Yet on the rare occasion when someone actually does something about it, Carnell thinks it's making something out of nothing. How many times in the past 20 years have several major companies been forced to remove a product and apologize because it was offensive to males? Damned few, I would guess. Carnell is correct that "Boys are Stupid--Throw Rocks at Them" products are not the biggest issue in the world to fight over. However, they're sure a good place to start. (Editor: Interesting response. If Carnell berides the campaign because there are things to write then why didn't he write about those bigger things than spend his time on this subject. Seems he must be "making something out of nothing" according to him.)

Prominent endorsements; www.hisside.com/join_his_side_campaign2.htm#endorsements

We were told that Bloomingdale's carries them, but when my producer called their store in Los Angeles the manager told him they used to carry the products but "got an order from corporate" to take all of it off the shelves about a week ago because "some radio show was leading a campaign against them."

Claire's, a jewelry and accessories retailer with stores in nearly a dozen countries, agreed to drop all products bearing the anti-boy slogans from its product line. According to the Associated Press, Claire's company spokeswoman Marisa Jacobs says Claire's has "canceled all pending orders that bear any of the slogans that people found offensive" in response to the His Side radio campaign. According to AP, Claire's Stores operates more than 2,800 stores in North America, Europe and Japan. (Editor's Note: Actually, it appears that Claire's plans to sell what they have and not order any new stock. Drop by a Claire's outlet in your local mall and let the manager know what you think about them continuing to spread negative messages by continuing to sell their remaining stock.

Eliot Sekuler, the Vice President of Public Relations for Universal Studios in Hollywood, issued the following statement:

"Dapy's, a store operated by our company, offers various lines of popular apparel. It has recently come to Senior Management's attention that we have inadvertently offered some items from one of these lines that contain offensive messages.

"The T-shirts have been taken off the store's shelves immediately and will no longer be sold at Dapy's or at any other location owned by our company. Our company does not condone any messages of intolerance to any group within our society and we regret having allowed this incident to occur."

Delia’s has 60 stores in 22 states,
carried the "Boys are Stupid" products. My producer spoke with them a couple of weeks ago to gather information. Apparently Delia's realized what was coming and decided to pull the products without even being targeted.

Dillard’s has 338 stores in 29 states and has annual revenues exceeding $8.3 billion. They carried "Boys are Stupid--Throw Rocks at Them" T-shirts and pajamas and report they have pulled them from their shelves.

Holt Renfrew
A170 year-old Canadian chain with outlets in most major Canadian cities, withdrew the products and apologized after being contacted by some Canadian supporters.
They have 338 stores in 29 states and have annual revenues exceeding $8.3 billion.

Press Stories

Why I Launched the Campaign Against 'Boys are Stupid' Products (Los Angeles Daily News, 2/4/04).

Retailers pull 'Boys Are Stupid' products, (Associated Press, appeared in over 300 newspapers and news outlets).

Hateful words still hurt, even if they're just on a T-shirt (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 2/9/04)

In defense of boys (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/8/04)

Suddenly, boy-bashing is all the rage for teenage girls (Edmonton Journal, 2/6/04)

Sauce for the goose (Red Deer Advocate, 2/6/04)

Boy bashing 101 (Calgary Herald, 2/6/04)

Goldman-Sacks controversy rocks David &Goliath Inc. (Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1/30/04)

Never underestimate customer's 'bad' taste (Seattle Times, 2/3/04)

Don't encourage hurtful T-shirts (The Sentinel, 2/1/04)

Boys can't take a joke, throw rocks at them, (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/31/04)

Stupid is as stupid does (Amarillo Globe News, 2/2/04)

Young males are victimized by fashion (Daily Kent Stater, 2/2/04)

Battle of the Sexes (AlterNet, 2/3/04)

Valley man gets stores to pull 'Boys are stupid' logo items (Los Angeles Daily News, 1/30/04)

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