The First and Only woman to win Supermodified Main event. In 1993 she was the first woman to win rookie of the year and in the complete seasons she has competed she has never finished outside the "top ten" in driver points. She is still competing against the "boys".

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Birthdate 12-11-1965
Birth Place Carmel CA
Current Home Base Castle Rock CO
Super Modified short track oval race cars
Who started you My Husband Joe
Biggest influence Harold Evans
Women you admire Janet Guthrie, Lyn St James
Father's Thoughts Deceased Before I started.
Your encouragement to others Girls SHOULD Race


Stevie started racing cars in 1993. Starting off in Supermodifides, she received Rookie of the Year honors with the Englewood Racing Association in 1993, also finishing in the top ten in year end points. Never looking back, she has numerous A-heat,B-heat and trophy dash wins, as well as quick times. The first woman to ever win any E.R.A. event, she also has two main event wins to her credit, and has never finished out of the top ten in year-end points since her start in 1993. The 1999-2000 season was outstanding for Stevie, with 1 main event win, numerous top 3 main event finishes, 2 quick times, 1 trophy dash win, 1 A-heat win,and 2 B-heat wins. This earned Stevie a 2nd place in year-end points finish in the E.R.A. The 2000-2001 season also proved to be a strong one for Stevie, finishing 3rd in year-end points. In 2007 I had a chance to shake down and compete a teammates new car and didnt finish any lower than Fifth in the races I entered. I am currently Fifth in Driver Points


 To continue to race, win races, and try to win a championship

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