This is a free program for the residents of Curry County, Oregon. We are sure, however, that communities, schools and organizations that would like to explore developing such a program in their community, could receive information and encouragement from the developers of this program. The estimated cost of the kit is $10. Contact:
Sheriff Mark Metcalf, Colvin & Moore, PO Box 681, Gold Beach, OR 97444, 541.247.3242

Concerned about your child and drugs?

Are you suspicious that your son or daughter is using drugs? You want to find out and take responsible action, but you need information and support? There is an answer.

The Curry County, OR Sheriff's Department has put together a Parent Aid kit to help parents with their children through confidential, reliable drug testing.

Aid for Parents

There is an answer

You now have a way to receive information that can help guide you in making decisions regarding what steps to take.

The first step in solving the problem is recognizing that you (parents/guardians) can take responsible action. The second step is to use a test kit for detection of drugs. Results are given only to you, without legal consequence.

We want to help parents help themselves in dealing with drug problems at the earliest stage of abuse. Parents using correct information and the support of community service agencies can.


The Curry County Sheriff's Office (Oregon) will maintain strict confidentiality. ONLY YOU WILL BE TOLD THE TESTING RESULTS. Our goal is to provide you with the information which will assist you in making decisions and taking action to help your son or daughter. The results of the test cannot be used for any litigation purposes.

If the results indicate that drugs are present, you as a parent have community resources available for additional information, support and counseling. Physicians, nurses, school counseling staff, counselors, and health educators are some of the resources. Also, there are local organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. These resources maintain confidentiality.


When a person consumes a drug, it is processed by the body and unused portions are excreted in the urine. The testing laboratory has highly trained personnel who use stare-of-the-art instrumentation to detect these drugs. Solid dosage items can also be tested, i.e., white powder, green leafy material, etc. Analysis results can not be used for any enforcement or litigation purposes! The specimen is discarded after analysis.

General Chart for Drug Detection
Retention Time *


24-48 hrs

Barbiturates - short acting

24 hrs

Barbiturates - long acting

3 days

Valium related drugs

3 days or more


1-21 days **

Cocaine metabolite

1-4 hours

Opiates: Heroin/Morphine

2 days


2 days


12 hours


Up to 3 days

* Note: Interpretation of retention time must take into account variability of urine specimens; drug metabolism and half-life; patient's physical condition; fluid intake, and method and frequency of ingestion. Theses are general guidelines only.

** If a person smokes one marijuana cigarette, the drug may be detectable up to 48 hours later. Light smokers (once a week) 1-3 days; Moderate (3-5 times a week) 3-10 days; Heavy/Chronic (Daily) 5-21 days because the drug builds up in the body fat and may continually be detectable for up to 4 weeks after the person stops smoking.

How do I use the kit?

Instructions are provided that will guide you, step by step, to complete the process.

How will I be notified of the results?
You will be contacted according to the information that you provided in the materials which were submitted. It will take at least five (5) working days for the results to be given to you.


Curry County Parent Aid is a community partnership between Curry County Sheriff's Office, Brookings Police Department, Gold Beach Police Department, Port Orford Police Department, and human services agencies in Curry County. The following have generously contributed to the Parent Aid Program:  Gold Beach Rotary, Port Orford Rotary, City of Gold Beach, City of Brookinsg, City of Port Orford, Commission on Children and Families and parents like you!

Source: Contact Sheriff Mark Metcalf, Colvin & Moore, PO Box 681, Gold Beach, OR 97444, 541.247.3242

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