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Have you suffered a bad experience with United Airlines? It might come as a small consolation to know that you're not alone, or a larger consolation to know that the airline is now operating in a state of financial bankruptcy. Since started collecting complaints in October 1998, we've received approximately 8300 letters from people like you, who have been treated with disdain by UAL.

Prior to the bankruptcy protection filing, we suggested that posting your complaint here probably wouldn't solve your problems, but it would at least offer a forum for sharing your experiences with others, as well as the "customer relations" people at UAL. While it was our hope that this would embarass UAL into making amends and thus, restoring passenger confidence, it seems that was not to be.

One reader suggested that the most effective remedy for resolving complaints with United Airlines is through Small Claims Court. This is a serious option to consider when the passenger has incurred a demonstrable financial loss (e.g. ticket refund problems, lost baggage, flight delays leading to the loss of a holiday). Even if you lose the claim, UAL still has to pay a representative to appear in court -- this is sure to get the airline's attention far faster than letters to complaint departments. Passengers considering this course of action are advised to first inquire as to what, if any, compensation may be obtained through Small Claims against a bankrupt airline.

Further information can be found from the Aviation Consumer Protection Division of the US Department of Transportation.

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Note that there is often a one month delay before the database is updated to include recent postings). Any stories marked with a red asterisk (*) have been replied to by UAL. Unfortunately, you'll find very few asterisks... and only half of those individuals who have received replies from United were satisfied with the response.

Selected complaints prior to October 1998 are still available

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Qantas has a policy to not allow men to sit next to an unaccompanied child. Can you tell us what United's policy is in this regard?

Gordon Clay

Email: Customer Relations

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Thank you for contacting United Airlines. Your comments, both positive and constructive, help us to serve you better. Please know that we answer all e-mail inquiries and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Frequent Flyer

1/6/06 - UA Response 2

(United sent what appeared to be another automatic response. I say this because my question was about policy and they answered with how to make a reservation..

Thank you for contacting us. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Currently, our reservation offices are not directly linked to our web site. Thus, we don't have the capability to assist you with your inquiry online. Please contact our Reservations staff for assistance at either 1-800-UNITED1 (1-800-864-8331) for Domestic travel or 1-800-JETAWAY (1-800-538-2929) for International travel. You can find Reservation phone numbers outside of the U.S. or in Canada from our Home Page by clicking "Customer Service" then "United worldwide contacts".

We appreciate this opportunity to respond and look forward to serving your travel needs. Best wishes for the holiday season and a Happy New Year.


Everett Srivastava
United Airlines Customer Relations

1/7/06 So, I wrote back.


Did you even read my email. I was asking about United's policy, not about making a reservation. In case you're another automated response machine, I will repeat the comment and see if it gets an actual human response. Otherwise, I'll have to go to your supervisor - probably a bigger computer.

"Qantas has a policy to not allow men to sit next to an unaccompanied child. Can you tell us what United's policy is in this regard?"

1/6/06 - UA Response 3

Thank you for contacting us again and I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Please know that Customer Relations' primary responsibility is to assist customers with past date travel issues. Since your concern is about United's policy about unaccompanied travel. We trust our reservations staff will be able to assist you with your upcoming travel needs. Please contact our Reservations staff for assistance at either 1-800-UNITED1 (1-800-864-8331) for Domestic travel or 1-800-JETAWAY (1-800-538-2929) for International travel. You can find Reservation phone numbers outside of the U.S. or in Canada from our Home Page by clicking "Customer Service" then "United worldwide contacts".

We appreciate this opportunity to be of assistance and look forward to serving you again.


Everett Srivastava
United Airlines Customer Relations

Editor's Note: Obviously, they don't want to find or reveal their policy to us. Because of this run-around, we will assume that United has the same basic policy that as Qantas.



AA Customer Relations invites customers to send comments or inquiries via mail, fax or email.

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American Airlines Customer Relations
P.O. Box 619612 MD 2400
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9612

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American Airlines Customer Relations
4255 Amon Carter Blvd. MD 2400
Fort Worth, TX 76155-2603
Fax: (817) 967-4162

Email AA Customer Relations

Email AA Customer Relations

Your feedback is always welcome! We invite you to share your thoughts about previous trips you've taken with us. If you need assistance involving immediate travel or with an upcoming trip, call us at 1-800-433-7300 in the U.S.

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Qantas has a policy to not allow men to sit next to an unaccompanied child. Can you tell us what American's policy is in this regard?

Thank you for contacting American Airlines.

Your information has been submitted.

American Response 2

Dear Mr. Clay:

Thank you for your inquiry about our procedures for assisting children traveling without an adult. We very much appreciate that you are considering American Airlines for your child's travel arrangements. Currently, bookings on must include at least one adult.

Every year, thousands of parents trust American Airlines with their children. You can be sure we take great care with our young travelers. We ensure their trips are carefully planned and coordinated. In fact, we require that arrangements be made for unaccompanied minor travel through a direct conversation with American Airlines and the child's parent or guardian.

A child can be accompanied by a parent or guardian through the security checkpoint to the gate with a priority authorization document (given by a ticket agent). The responsible adult should remain at the gate until the aircraft has departed. For security reasons, anyone without a ticket may not go on board the aircraft.

While we do not have a written policy concerning the seating of the unaccompanied minors, the children are situated so that the flight attendants have a clear view of them at all times. Since the parent may accompany the child to the gate, requests can be made at the airport on the day of travel.

You may locate a list of Frequently Asked Questions by following the instructions below:

*Visit to view our home page
*From the menu listing on the left, place your cursor over Travel Information *From the sub-menu, select Travel Help & Travel Resources/Travel Help *Select Traveling with Children

When you are ready to book your child's reservation, please call American Airlines Reservations at 1-800-433-7300 (24 hours/daily). We look forward to welcoming your child aboard. It is always a pleasure to serve our young travelers.

This is an "outgoing only" email address. If you 'reply' to this message by simply selecting the reply button, we will not receive your additional comments. Please assist us in providing you with a timely response to any feedback you have for us by always sending us your email messages via at


Cindy Baker
Customer Relations
American Airlines


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