Street Racing is getting more popular every year. We're not talking about Drifting or illegal street drags but legal, sanctioned racing on city streets. Long Beach las long-been a leader in this area, starting back in the mid-70's. And more cities are learning just how economically viable organizing street races can be. Check out the following web sites and try at weekend at one of the venues. It's a blast!

Streets of Denver CCS
Streets of Detroit* ALMS/IRL
Streets of Houston ALMS/CCS
Streets of Las Vegas CCS
Streets of Long Beach ALMS/CCS
Streets of Phoenix CCS
Streets of San Jose CCS
Streets of St. Petersburg ALMS/CCS

* We haven't located a web site specificially for the Detroit race though information about the race can be found on both the ALMS and IRL sites.

Legend: ALMS - American LeMans Series; CCS - Champ Car Series; IRL - IndyCar Racing League.

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