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Many colleges provide Women's Studies programs, they often don't provide similar programs for men that offer real, positive alternatives to "What men learned in kindergarten." While most sizable bookstores have a "Women's Studies" section, few have a "men's studies" section. (See "How to get your bookstore to set-up a section.) So, men are required to stand in front of the psychology section, pouring through as many books that shame men (often written by men to women) as books that provide healthy, positive information. Over the years, authors and publishers have provided The National Men's Resource Center with some 3,000 books on over 300 men's issues (This is only part of the thousands of books available on men's issues. Also see Eugene August's annotated bibliography on The Men's Studies). One-thousand of these books are housed in the Browsers' Bookmobile, which travels around the country visiting college campuses and communities too small to have their own library or bookstore. This is to be used as a reference When Men Want to Know about a particular topic. Some books are general, some male specific. We have used our best judgment in selecting the categories and the books by category and are open to suggested changes and additions. We've also included a selection of books we believe represent the three major divisions of men's work. Some of the books listed are out of print, but still remain important works that may be found in libraries, used bookstores, or flea markets. Michigan State University has an excellent archive on men's issues as well.(Changing Men Collections, Special Collections Division, Michigan State University, 100 Library, East Lansing, MI 48824). If you are developing a men's section, we suggest you include some of the books listed in the shortlist that will provide a well-rounded Men's Issues section.

See also How to get your bookstore to set-up a men's section, short list, long list

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