Men stuff® has compiled the following information on Mange books for young women. Manga is the Japanese word for comics and/or cartoons (not necessarily animated, this includes print cartoons); outside of Japan, it usually refers specifically to Japanese comics. It often, but not always, reads from the back cover to the front cover, and from right to left.* Manga developed from a mixture of ukiyo-e and Western styles of drawing, and took its current form shortly after World War II. It comes mainly in black and white, except for the covers and maybe the first few pages. Shojo n. 1. Manga appealing to both female and male readers. Anime A small amount of the total Manga output of Japan is adapted into anime, which is usually created afterwards, once a market interest has been established. Stories are often modified to appeal to a more mainstream market.



Ukiyo-e, "pictures of the floating world", is a genre of Japanese woodblock prints produced between the 17th and the 20th century, featuring motifs of landscapes, the theater and pleasure quarters.

Shojo 1. Manga appealing to both female and male readers. 2. Exciting stories with true-to-life characters and the thrill of exotic locales. 3. Connecting the heart and mind through real human relationships.

Anime is a style of cartoon animation originating in Japan. Anime is characterized by character and background styles which may be created by hand or may be assisted by computers.

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