The Menstuff® library lists miscellaneous books pertinent to men. See special sections below: Games and My Companions on the Road.

Game Reviews:

My Companions on the Road:

The following is a short list of the special books that keep me company on the road: Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart; Meditations for Men Who Do Too Much; A Quiet Strength: Meditations on the Masculine Soul; Flat Rock Journal; Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind & Spirit; Sark's Journal and Play! Book - a place to dream while awake; Blue Highways; Into the Wild; Road Trip; Kids' U.S. Road Atlas by Randy McNally; Little Book of Sensual Pleasure; Retirement on a Shoestring and How to Live on Next to Nothing; Getting a Grant; It's Hard to Look Cool When Your Car's Full of Sheep, Things that go "Baa!" in the Night and Wisdomkeepers.

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