Menstuff® has compiled books on the issue of Panic.

Beckfield, Denise, Master Your Panic and Take Back Your Life! Twelve treatment sessions to overcome high anxiety. Revised, updated and improved to reflect the latest techniques, this edition makes an old favorite even better! Find out why you developed panic attacks in the first place and why they come back. Learn the tried and true SRB method to stop panic the moment it strikes. Discover your personal triggers for panic and tackle them, one by one - the thoughts, the physical habits, even the emotional traps. So panic goes away and stays away. Learn to stop limiting yourself and get your life back - for good. And new: Discussion of the family backgrounds and personal stresses that can lead to panic. Updates on the best medications for panic. Special helps on major strategies, easily reproducible by therapists and group leaders. Updated and expanded First Aid for Panic. Handy carry-with-you record-keeping forms. Tips on better breathing for panic-free health and more. Impact Publishers,, 1998 ISBN 1-886230-08-0 Buy This Book!

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