Prostate Cancer Awareness Week Topics

Menstuff® celebrates Prostate Cancer Aweareness Week September 17-23, 2012 as part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, by discussing a different issue related to the prostate each day at "Today" on our home page. Click on the "Lenny" icon above to see today's daily thoughts. You can signup for a free subscription to Daily Thoughts & Issues that arrives in the pre-dawn hours with new information every day. Signup here

You can also receive an annual reminder to get a check-up. Signup for an annual checkup reminder. It will automatically arrive on your e-mail on September 1 of each year. It's free at Check for more information about the prostate and prostate cancer and check for a location near you that offers free or low-cost prostate exams during this week.

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Week - 2012

September 16 - Night vigil for men who have died or are suffering from prostate cancer
September 17 - Background/Information/Resources
September 18 - Prevention
September 19 - Symptoms/common problems
September 20 - Treatment and after/side
September 21 - Living Life After Treatment
November 1 - Begins Impotency Awareness Month

Prostate resources:  Information, Books, Resources

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There will be over 2.8 million cases of prostate disease reported in 2011. Over 220,900 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. Over 32,000 men will die this year because they didn't catch their prostate cancer in time. If you're over 40, get an annual checkup. We want you to stay around for a long time, and be healthy, too.

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