Lists is about falling in love and becoming compulsive and obsessive about another person. "Falling in love" is an altered state of mind, not unlike being drugged. It may be helpful to ask ourselves if we are "growing in love" with someone, which implies all of the difficult parts of building a relationship that has emotional safety, as well as caring and sexual intimacy. Compulsive list-making can bring a loving relationship to it’s knees. When we feel we MUST follow a list and complete everything, we may have lost sight of why the list was made in the first place.


I had a list of things to do
But now my only list is you
And my list keeps getting longer
I hope we never make through

I want to laugh with you out loud
I want to meet you in a crowd
I want to buy you leather clothes
I want to hold you by your toes
I want to travel cross the country
Together on a Northern train
I want to sing with you in harmony
And run through pouring rain!

Do you feel me too? Are the shivers coming through?

I want to make you room to grow
I want to share the stuff we know
I want to touch you when you're still
I want to roll you down a hill
I want to lather up your shoulders
Shampoo fingers through your hair
I want to gather up your worries
And throw them in the air!

Chorus: Do you fell me too? Are the shivers coming through?
Do you feel me too? Am I coming through?

I want to hold you when you're sad
I want to show you Paris, France
I want to listen to your stomach
While you're teaching me to dance
I want to wade into your eyes
And I want to taste your tongue
I want to listen to you whisper
I want to kiss you when you come.


Written by Peter Alsop, © 1976, Moose School Music (BMI)

*    *    *

Peter Alsop is a nationally known singer-songwriter, educator and humorist with a Ph.D. in educational psychology. He graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut and did his doctoral work at Columbia University's Teachers' College and Columbia Pacific University. He worked as the Director of The Harbor Schools Residential Treatment Center for emotionally disturbed adolescents in Maine and as a New York City elementary school teacher in the South Bronx ghetto.

Peter has produced nineteen audio recordings and seven videos and dvd's for which he consistently wins "Best Children's" awards from Parents' Choice and the Association For Independent Music. His songs are used daily by thousands of parents, educators and human service professionals to help families discuss sensitive issues. His "Wake Up" video with John Ritter helps families prevent child abuse and abduction. He's acted on stage and on television, directed a feature film, and performs extensively at conferences, festivals and concerts throughout the United States, Canada as well as hosting an annual training workshops at his Otter Space conference center in Northern California. He lives in Topanga, California with his wife, actress/director Ellen Geer, and their two daughters Willow and Megan. Contact: Moose School Productions, Box 960, Topanga, CA 90290 or 310-455-2318 or E-Mail or

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