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A miracle is the wholehearted invocation
of the Divine, combined with suspension
of all disbelief
Allowing the Other World to
Shatter and reconstitute this world.

Through Invocation, the dead are raised
and the blind see again.
Invocation is how the multitudes of the hungry are fed
and all good deeds come to full fruit.

Brothers and sisters, let us not be like little children
and invoke our puny ego self
or that of our colleagues
when so much more is waiting to be called forth.
Let us resort instead to the full power of our Creator

Invocation is surrender to the Divine Will
allowing your flesh to be the Altar on which
The Will of the Holy One Reigns

This is why the Ancients say the Holy Ones
are Hollow Bones.

Forrest Craver from This Well Has No Bottom, a little book of spiritual poetry

©2010, Forrest Craver

*    *    *

Man becomes great exactly in the degree to which he works for the welfare
of his fellow man. - Mahatma Gandhi

Forrest Craver has been doing men’s work for more than 20 years. He was senior interviewer for Wingspan: Journal of the Male Spirit for many years. He has led or co-led more than 40 retreats or workshops for men including The Mankind Project, Men in Recovery, and regional clergy retreats for United Methodist and ELCA denominations. He is a lawyer and a nationally recognized fundraising consultant for nonprofit groups. He is the author of a short book of Spiritual Poetry entitled “This Well Has No Bottom” and is finishing a book about intergenerational breakthrough approaches for boys and men in American culture. His websites are cravercreativeservices.com/and transitioncolorado.ning.com/profile/forrestcraver or eMail.He lives and works in the Denver metro area.

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