Meditation - Change Tool Number 1!

I’m going to focus on a tool that has helped me to change my life. It hasn’t changed my life itself, but it has given me the clarity and strength to turn stuck life patterns on their heads. It’s something that many men reject without even trying just because it’s still not considered macho. It is the tool of meditation.

Meditation is very misunderstood still in the West. It’s not complicated, it doesn’t have to involve saris or incense sticks (although it can if that’s what turns you on!) and it is not difficult to do (contrary to popular opinion). You can’t do it badly, but you can not do it.

Everyone, from 5 yr olds to 90 yr olds, from the terminally ill to stressed executives, can benefit from this simple discipline. For many people who find themselves suffering in any way from physical or mental imbalances, meditation can become a source of peace and inspiration . It doesn’t replace conventional treatment but it can enhance the effectiveness of all treatments. For people wanting to achieve closer to their highest potential and really experience change, it is I believe the single most important tool you can use.

Why? What is that meditation helps us to achieve and how does it do it?

Imagine life is like a lake (sorry guys – bear with this one a minute). All day, every day we are doing things – answering the phone, watching t.v., conducting meetings, paying bills, rushing from one appointment to the next etc. All the time we are in ‘doing’ mode the water in our lake is getting choppier and choppier and it is impossible to see anything under the surface. Just think, how often do you spend any time during your alert, wakeful state just being?

Periods of time spent in silence taken during the day allow the water in our lake to still. They allow us to build up an inner communication with ourselves which we never normally have. They allow us to find answers inside ourselves that we always believed were outside of us, not inside. This they do because during these restful, alert periods of silence we are listening to the greatest guide we will ever have in life – our Self.

Once we start to take regular periods of time out of our hectic schedules, the water in our lake starts to still. We can see under the surface and locate the treasure that hides beneath – the treasure that in life relates to our ability to find the solutions to problems that we previously believed ourselves powerless to deal with.

We spend so much time doing that we have forgotten how to be and we have drifted further away from our intuition. And yet the results that can be achieved from getting back in touch with our inner guidance can be phenomenal. If we can learn to build a bridge between our busy and powerful intellects and our intuition we could become rich indeed.

So experiment with it – be bold and take the plunge. Meditation may not in itself provide the answer to all your life’s problems – but I have no doubt it will help you to find and create solutions that you might previously have missed.

©2008, Barry Durdant-Hollamby

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Barry Durdant-Hollamby is the founder of The Art of Change , a UK based organisation specialising in helping individuals and corporations to effect sustainable, holistic, positive change. He works intuitively on a 1-1 or group basis and also conducts many talks and seminars - all without notes or preparation! Barry is also the author of three books the latest of which is The Male Agenda - a book which seeks to inspire men to create greater life balance and happiness. He is the father of two daughters and lives in the South East of England. Contact E-Mail

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