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Five Things for Men NOT to Do On Valentine's Day

1. DON'T expect that giving a nice card and a gift or two should definitely lead to a hot night in bed. They should be the start to a nice evening, not a guarantee.

2. DON'T give a generic card, with just your signature. Instead, write specific reasons you care about and appreciate your "Valentine".

3. DON'T expect that giving a Valentine card to a woman you like is going to move the relationship from "just friends" to "you're the one".

4. DON'T buy generic gifts for the special woman you love, e.g., a Vermont Teddy Bear for a woman who doesn't like stuffed animals; perfume if she doesn't like the scent; chocolate if she's on a diet. Take the time to get something special for her. (And if you don’t know what she wants, there’s no shame in asking for suggestions.)

5. DON’T underestimate how important romance may be for your woman—even if you think it’s silly.

©2010, Marty Friedman

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Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years. - Simone Signoret

Martin G. Friedman is the author of “Straight Talk for Men About Marriage—What Men Need to Know About Marriage (And What Women Need to Know About Men)”. For many years, Marty Friedman taught corporate managers how to create good relationships at work before tackling male/female relationship issues--and applying what he learned to his own marriage. The founder of Men in Marriage, Marty is regularly interviewed on radio and television, and talks to organizations and individuals from a unique, inspirational and humorous perspective. Find out more at

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