Say you're sorry - mean it

There's one thing that's pretty consistent about parenting your kids: You'll keep making mistakes with them. Whether it's getting angry, forgetting something, or treating them badly, we all seem to make our share of mistakes. And sometimes, there's only one thing you can do about it:

Say you're sorry - mean it - and move on in your life.

If you tell your child you're sorry and you're really not, they'll know it. If you beat yourself up after screwing something up, you're liable to lose the learning along the way. Fathers who don't apologize are monsters. Fathers who apologize over and over create monsters!

It's not an easy thing to do, saying you're sorry to your child. Part of you may ask, "Why should I say sorry to you after all I've done for you?" Say it anyway. After all, kids don't need perfect fathers.

They just need fathers that are trying to get better.

© 2008 Mark Brandenburg

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To this day I can remember my father's voice, singing over me in the stillness of the night. - Carl G. Jung

Mark has a Masters degree in counseling psychology and has been a counselor, business consultant, sports counselor, and a certified life and business coach. He has worked with individuals, teams, and businesses to improve their performance for over 20 years. Prior to life and business coaching Mark was a world-ranked professional tennis player and has coached other world-ranked athletes. He has helped hundreds of individuals to implement his coaching techniques. Mark specializes in coaching men to balance their lives and to improve the important relationships in their lives. He is the author of the popular e-books, 25 Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Fathers , and Fix Your Wife in 30 Days or Less (And Improve Yourself at the Same Time ). Mark is also the publisher of the “Dads Don’t Fix your Kids” ezine for fathers. To sign up, go to or E-Mail

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