The Superman Moment

Greetings! A father named Terry writes:

“My definition of time is that it’s the most valuable thing in the world I can give my son. Though I’ve believed this since he was born, I have a different perspective now. My father is dying of pancreatic cancer and during my visits with him, I’ve been flooded with memories from when I was a young child. One memory that stands out for some reason is that when I was probably three years old, I watched him use a post hole digger at the end of our driveway to put a mailbox in. He was big, strong, and invincible. He seemed like Superman to me. While visiting him at the hospital recently, I told my dad about that memory and he couldn’t remember it at all.

I have no idea why that stands out in my mind, but it made me realize something about the time I spend with my own son. Sometimes things we do with our children that seem insignificant to us will make a huge, lasting impression on them. It may not be WHAT we do with our children so much as that we are doing SOMETHING with them; that we are sharing our time with them. We all hear about spending ‘quality time’ with our children, and I agree that it’s very important. But please realize that time spent with our kids doing what seems like the smallest, most insignificant things to you may be the things they will remember most about us. You never know when you’ll have a Superman moment for them.”

How about you? Spending time with your children lately?

© 2008 Mark Brandenburg

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To this day I can remember my father's voice, singing over me in the stillness of the night. - Carl G. Jung

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