Ah yes, going from one place to another as a sales rep or business agent, or better yet, as a senior citizen in retirement and having fun. That is, to go on a trip or a tour, or best, take a journey, which is an act or instance of traveling from here to there, getting there somehow and successfully moving in a given direction or path through a given means of transportation; a means of conveyance or travel from one place to another.

And on this modern globe there are many forms of transportation to choose from: The car or SUV or RV if going by self-propelling and gassing vehicle on a highway route; The train if you want to relax and see the same scenery you would see behind the windshield of a hot and sweaty vehicle but sitting in a comfortable seat in an air-conditioned environment with a bar car a few paces down the aisle; Fly by air if you want to miss the scenery and the bar and just get to the end goal much faster although less convenient and slower in the airport inspection gate gamut; A boat if you want to float when you want to go across the water where the above methods won’t go; A bike or motorcycle which is more of an adventure rather that a journey; And of course those seniors with long range plans there is the space ship to a near planet but the reservations are few and the waiting list is long and the luggage is limited. Just remember, “Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience,” Francis Bacon.

So, what to bring while traveling, and what to do and not do? The answer to these questions is whether a senior wants to have a good time or not, or an adventure of doing things different to find out what is right and wrong for the next trip. In the first place traveling works and is in fact more fun only if you get out of your lounge chair, and it works even better if you leave the house. That is a given. But remember one thing, taking too many steps with the basketball is called traveling, but ask your coach and not the travel agent.

Let’s face it; preparing to travel is a harrowing experience and a definite deal buster right from the beginning. First, is the vehicle up to the trip? Is it oiled and greased and new-tired and ready to go? But the other versions, there’s the ticket on the train or plane, the passport if you are going overseas, the ample supply of snacks and pills and pain killers, the right clothes (especially if you are leaving cold weather and heading for hot, or the reverse circumstances, heaven forbid), the amount of luggage you can carry, or fly with, or take on a bus, or haul to the taxi stand, or pack into your trunk, or carry into a motel by yourself in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

Taking pets is probably not a good idea if you want to have fun and especially if you are traveling overseas; unless of course it is your better half. And worse, the pet may be having a better time than you because it doesn’t have to worry about being fed or finding a bathroom. But, finding hotels and motels that accept pets can sometimes be a pain in the neck, and the same may be true of restaurants.

Many seniors care about their fitness and will work for it. It doesn’t stop at home. It is also important to stay in shape while traveling. For those 50 and older who fancy spending their leisure time traveling, there are exercises that can be employed, excuse that word, by almost anyone – anywhere – anytime. All that is needed is room to stand, a few common items, a chair or a door knob, and don’t get the wrong idea here, and the will to do it. Most seniors who do this know what to do. The others must do some research and practice. But when packing, don’t forget the liniment.

Of course, there are trips you might want to avoid, “Trips to the dentist - I like to postpone that kind of thing,” Johnny Depp. And of course, “People get really caught up in their own trips,” Max Cannon. Don’t do that because you won’t make many friends in your traveling. Traveling is best looked at as getting away from the norm and seeing the new.

©2013, Patrick Kennedy

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Man arrives as a novice at each age of his life. - Nicolas Chamfort

Patrick M. Kennedy (P Manvel Kennedy) has been a professional writer, editor, and graphic artist for over 30 years. He is the author of three books: More Fun with Retirement: A coffee break for seniors, How to Have Fun with Retirement, and Being a Senior Citizen: You rnew phase of life with many questions looking for answers. and his latest book: More Fun with Retirement: A coffee break for seniors. He currently works from Boise, Idaho. In the past he has worked from Seattle, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas. He keeps busy because he knows it is important when writing or editing any material with a particular objective in mind, for either personal use or business goals, to present ideas with quality, clarity and accuracy. He can do that, and he does most of it himself, but he occasionally must call upon qualified associates for assistance.

"My Resume shows me as an experienced professional writer and editor who specializes in the English language. With years of professional experience in the writing/editing/graphics field, I offer quality services to both individual and business clients, with prompt and accurate solutions designed to meet their needs, and online editing services and writing services for easy and quick results.

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