Our campaign aims to be blunt about some of our positions. We believe that if a doctor is not following the American Urological Association recommendations about the PSA test, then he or she might be just going through the motions like a puppet. There is controversy in the healthcare industry about the PSA test (search for "Prostate Cancer's Difficult Choices" to learn more). Our view for you and other men? The controversy should have nothing to do with what you must do for your own best health: Get tested!

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Kim Garretson's monthly poster is featured daily on our homepage and at (Prostate Cancer Awareness Week). His book, Niches of Clarity at Gunflint, is a sardonic view of the infuriatingly awful healthcare practices and lazy cavalier behavior by men that together give us today's prostate cancer epidemic.

"Instead of adding to the Web's voluminous text resources, I chose to modernize pulp fiction magazine covers from the 30's to the 60's. (See ) Why? Because I believe smiling at the absurdity of the disease is one of many coping and healing paths to follow," she says.

"My Requests: Women viewers: Please lead healthy men by the ear to this page and make them look. Healthy Men: Glance, grimace, get a PSA. Men with Prostate Cancer: Hey, try laughing in the face of dread. It helps." Kim can be reached at E-Mail.

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