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How Often do You Initiate Lovemaking Session, on Average?

Quite simply, aggressiveness in lovemaking starts with American men, who seem to be the initiators 70% of the time.

The survey does uncover some female instigators out there. 7% of the women surveyed say they initiate lovemaking 100% of the time, with the majority of those women belonging in the 30-to-54 group. They might welcome an introduction to the 13% of men who also must always begin the lovemaking in their household.

And now we present the clues to the assertive women, or those who initiate lovemaking 70 to 90% of the time. She's a high-school-educated woman who earns under $25,000. Right-handed, she has short hair, claims to be a bit overweight, is small in stature, and has lots of kids.

Those men who initiate sex less than 20 percent of the time seem to be under $25,000 earners with a college education, and are left-handed with long hair. Tall and skinny, they don't have any children. (That doesn't surprise us!)

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