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May interview with Bill Kauth

Love: On Valentines day 2006 I gave my heart to Zoe Alowan. I would Love to have you get to know her, and someday you will. We now live together in Talent near Ashland. My theme for the year has been adoring the goddess and I have enjoyed joining other men holding space for women's temple guided by Zoe on our cloud nine adventures from Whidby Island, WA to San Migeul, Mexico.

New Project: During the Sacred Lifeboats tour of 25 cities in 2004 I experienced people's pervasive anxiety and desire for community. I held the question of "What can I do?" and the obvious answer of building "communities that work" has emerged. As I surrendered into the new vision a partnership formed with Norma Burton and Zoe - two women (not men this time). Women are the basis of community, the center. Men hold boundaries, warriors at the gates. So together, we're taking on the task of bringing forward a new social invention: 100-150 people bonded, committed and initiated into non-residential Communities. We want these people to know the current state of the world, be engaged in shadow work and feel eager to co-create the new culture now! We call this new creation Oneness Communitas. Let me know if this especially rings your bell.

Off to India: In late summer Zoe and I traveled to India and Oneness University www.onenessuniversity.org looking for a spiritual Core piece for the Communitas project mentioned above. Indeed, we found a vision of hope that touched our hearts and souls. In this world wide movement we also found a stunning diversity of people from all religions finding a personal relationship to the divine they had not known before. Zoe and I also joyously experienced this. (There is more about this at the end of my epistle.)

Folso Prison: In October, after having been invited for at least 5 years by some of my most admired brothers, I was finally able to step through my fear and I went inside to be staff. The very skilled and insightful men inside got that I carried a longing to be initiated (I never actually took the NWTA). As an initiate I did big anger work and felt such empathy with those brothers inside that I cried thru most of the weekend. Eventually I was presented my Inside Circle talisman and given the name Snow Leopard with Eye of a Wizard. I feel so blessed! insidecircle.org

Political Visionary: In mid November we were honored to have David Korten visit us and do a very well received presentation in Ashland. His new book is The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community. His previous international best-seller was When Corporations Rule the World. David has been one of my heros for years. Check out his website www.davidkorten.org and get a feel for the breadth and passion of his work over the decades.

Thanksgiving: We flew into Chicago a few days ahead of the Holiday, drove East visiting friends along the way. Finally we went to Northampton, Mass where we met up with Zoe¹s adult children Asha & Ari. We played games and cooked up the most wonderful vegetarian gratitude feast complete with 7 pies (approx one per each). Perfect pies are deep in Zoe¹s family tradition and I'm glad.

Mom: I called my mom for the holiday and learned that she had stopped eating. We returned to Chicago and flew directly to Ft. Lauderdale. We spent five amazing days in song and stories, and truth telling. She knew she was dying and all was forgiven in each direction. I felt her love and offered her my love and supported her so she could pass on. I have a heartfelt sense that she was guided effortlessly in her transition. I grieved and celebrated her life, the gifts she gave and received. I feel so blessed to feel so complete, although I'm now alone as the last living one in my family of origin. The enfolding of community feels more urgent and compelling than ever.

Saintly Teacher: Mid-December we hosted Anandagiriji in our home. While we were at Oneness University I asked our monk to introduce us to this young man everyone spoke so highly of. He did and in the course of conversation I invited him to come to Ashland to meet some of the high profile people here. Months later we learned that he was indeed doing a USA tour of New York, Los Angeles and Ashland. He had accepted our invitation! We made the appropriate connections which we hope will help bring forward the healing of humanity. It was such a whirlwind adventure that we still feel the buzz and need to "rest".

Great love, blessings for your 2007

Bill Kauth

More infrormation on our experience at Oneness University: In late summer Zoe and I traveled to Southern India to Oneness University. We went at the invitation of our friend Arjuna Ardagh. We went very skeptical about what looked like weird "Guru stuff" but interested in what compelled a seasoned spiritual author & teacher like Arjuna www.translucents.org to recommend it so highly.

Vision: Indeed, we found a vision of hope and a world wide movement That touched our hearts and souls. As a visionary I have eyes for vision and Amma-Bhagavan, the founders of Oneness University, see the possibility of 64,000 fully awakened beings by 2012. This is one per million of world populations and in their estimation would create a resonant field, a tipping point sufficient to end the dominator culture of separation. They hold a new story for our future which we actually see unfolding.

Monks: When we began our 21-day process we were greeted with an Invitation to "rest" which we eventually got pretty good at. We were given a dasa or monk as our guide and teacher. His name is Radhakrishna and although only 32 years of age, he impressed us with his grasp of quantum physics, clarity of all major religious teaching including shamanism. We came to love each other deeply as he shared stories of his 10 years as a monk; how the project did not start until all 200 monks (1/3 women) were fully awakened. And he was very much interested in what MKP is doing in the world.

Rest: Mostly we remained silent and experienced "deeksha" which simply means transmission. The Avatars Amma-Bhagavan passed this vibrational frequency to the dasas and they pass it to us. They consider it brain transformation from the parietal lobes to the frontal lobes, or from separation function to oneness function. After receiving deeksha each morning for weeks we were invited to go and "rest" and at 10:00 in the morning after a good nights sleep we would go instantly to sleep for at least an hour. It seemed our bodies needed to integrate the new vibrational field.

World movement: We felt the sense of this process as a full out movement in the stunning diversity of people showing up. We shared the campus with a Ukrainian congressman, a Catholic cardinal who was secretary to the Pope, a Muslim leader of millions from Indonesia, a Columbian Shaman, and Tony Robbins. All had a magnificent experience, often sharing that this was the first time they had a personal experience with their chosen form of the divine presence (God).

Divine Presence: For me just to articulate a name for God that really Worked, took weeks. And indeed Zoe and I each experienced a personal Relationship with the divine which has been profound.

Credibility: And one of my last bits of resistance to the "guru stuff" healed when Radhakrisha shared that one of their primary efforts is to not become a cult or religion. They actively work to ward off attachment to any true belief or holy person worship. I also learned that Sri Bhagavan is a member of the Club of Budapest with Miguel Gorbachov and the Dali Lama. www.clubofbudapest.org/index.htm

© 2007, Bill Kauth

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The fame you earn has a different taste from the fame that is forced upon you. - Gloria Vanderbilt

Reid Baer, an award-winning playwright for “A Lyon’s Tale” is also a newspaper journalist, a poet with more than 100 poems in magazines world wide, and a novelist with his first book released this month entitled Kill The Story. Baer has been a member of The ManKind Project since 1995 and currently edits The New Warrior Journal for The ManKind Project www.mkp.org . He resides in Reidsville, N.C. with his wife Patricia. He can be reached at E-Mail.

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