Why Men Make Better Housewives Part 4

The fourth advantage men have over women as Chief Household Officers is, for lack of a better word, Man Time. Man Time is the time required to do the man’s jobs around the house.

Don’t be fooled. Just because you fly in the face of traditional family arrangements by staying home, that does not mean you have traded all conventional gender roles. In fact, all you have done is traded ONE of “the husband’s” responsibilities (having a job that makes money) for a whole slew of “the wife’s”. This means that you are still expected to do all of the things you used to do as the man of the house: change the oil in the car, take out the garbage, empty used mousetraps, crawl into the crawlspace and fix the leaky pipe, etc.

Many of these “man jobs” remain in our domain because we enjoy doing them. I enjoy working on the lawn. My wife has no interest in it. I garden, I weed, I landscape. She just better appreciate it when she gets home.

We get some unpleasant jobs by default. Because we—by the nature of being men—are more comfortable being dirty and smelly, we are expected to be better at the smelly and dirty jobs. We are assigned cleaning the gutters, removing dead mice, spraying hornets’ nests, and other jobs that I, personally, would rather not do. However, if I don’t do them, they won’t get done.

Man Time is important for any house to run smoothly. Un-mowed lawns, un-clogged drains, un-controlled rodents will eventually overrun any home if someone doesn’t deal with them. You, as a Stay-At-Home-Dad, have all day to accomplish these goals. You do not need to rush home from your job, change clothes, and mow the lawn at a sprint before the sun goes down. You don’t have to take time from your busy weekend to clean the gutters or change the oil in your car (which is probably a minivan). You have, more or less, all day to do these things.

You have an entire day’s schedule to fit in the manly chores you have to do. You could change the oil during lunchtime, while the baby is strapped into her highchair. You could clean the gutters while the kids played in the backyard. (Be sure to teach your oldest how to dial 911.)

With all of the time saved by doing your Man Time chores during the weekdays, you have evenings and weekend free to do whatever you want…which will probably be catching up on the laundry and dishes and cleaning that you didn’t get around to because you were too busy doing man things.

©2008, Mark Phillips

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 Women, it's true, make human beings, but only men can make men. - Margaret Mead

Mark Phillips is a Stay-At-Home-Dad and freelance writer. Along with raising his four children, he is developing a franchise called “The Vacuum IS a Power Tool.” It is designed to help SAHDs maintain that which makes us men, instead of hairy Mom-substitutes. He earned a B.S. in Communication/Theatre Arts and teaching certificates in English, public speaking, and psychology from Eastern Michigan University. After six years as a high school English teacher and Director of Dramatic Arts at Powers Catholic High School in Flint, Michigan, he changed careers and became a Stay-At-Home-Dad. or E-Mail

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