Bible Roulette

Read Psalm 16:5-6

Yes, but…

“Did you have a good vacation?”

“Yes, but the airline lost our stroller and the plane was late and our rental car was a Kia.”

“So you didn’t have any fun?”

“Yes, but the hotel pool was too cold and the prices at the restaurant were so expensive!”

“But overall you had a good time?”

“Yes, but there was this rude lady at the park who really made me mad.”

“Did anything go right on your vacation?”

“Yes, but…but…I like to complain and block out all of the good stuff with the bad. I prefer to pay attention to the problems instead of the blessings.”

I was jogging through a beautiful park the other day when I twisted my ankle. For four days, I hobbled around in pain and frustration. When I sat down (blissfully) and looked back on my run, I remembered the babbling stream, the fresh smell of the trees, the quiet and the serenity. What a blessing that quiet time alone was! It was so easy for me to forget it because I was in the middle of a painful struggle.

It is so important for us to keep track of how God blesses us every day in a multitude of ways because it is so much easier for us to focus on the crap we are trudging through instead. Just because some things don’t go as planned does not mean that everything had gone down the tubes.

Generous Giver, help me to count the blessings You have given me instead of dwelling on whatever trial I am going through right now.


©2008, Mark Phillips

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 Women, it's true, make human beings, but only men can make men. - Margaret Mead

Mark Phillips is a Stay-At-Home-Dad and freelance writer. Along with raising his four children, he is developing a franchise called “The Vacuum IS a Power Tool.” It is designed to help SAHDs maintain that which makes us men, instead of hairy Mom-substitutes. He earned a B.S. in Communication/Theatre Arts and teaching certificates in English, public speaking, and psychology from Eastern Michigan University. After six years as a high school English teacher and Director of Dramatic Arts at Powers Catholic High School in Flint, Michigan, he changed careers and became a Stay-At-Home-Dad. or E-Mail

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