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Shaving Makes Your Hair or Beard Grow Back Thicker

Not True. I wonder if the reason European women tend to avoid shaving their leg and underarm hair is the fear that if they do, the hair will grow in thicker. Teenage boys have this fear.

They're not worried about their legs, of course, unless they swim competitively, and they have an almost suicidal urge to get on with the business of scraping their faces - which has become a modern rite of manhood. But they do worry about shaving too high up on their cheeks, thinking, as we do, that the facial hair is going to start sprouting where it's going to be...oooooh, gross!

Well, we can all relax, and shave to our hearts' content.

In The Skin Book, dermatologists Arnold Klein and James Steinberg give the reassuring news that there's no truth whatsoever in this commonly held belief. Shaving an area will not make the hair grow back thicker. This really is just an old wives' tale.

The good doctors also have something to say about the OWT of shaving - next week. Source: Old Wives' Tales

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