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Whether the Baby's Bellybutton is an "Inny" or an "Outy" Depends on how the Doctor Cut the Umbilical Cord

Not true. "Innies" and "outlies"...doesn't that bring back memories from childhood? Of course, no one ever thought or even cared about the cause - there were just something fascinating to look at and compare. In truth, the obstetrician can't be blamed either way. The position of the cut makes no difference: What does determine the shape is the same thing that shapes the baby's fingers...heredity.

My husband's grandfather had a wonderful explanation of bellybuttons, in general. He was a baker and drew his grandchildren's attention to the indentation at the center of a rye bread. "This was made," he said, "by the baker when he poked the bread to see if it was done. That's what God does, too, to tell if each new baby is ready to be born. Whether you are an inny or an outy depended on your state of doneness when you got poked."  I guess you can call this one an "old baker's tale." Source: Old Wives' Tales

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