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A Challenge We Took

Here's the story....

Jim from Los Angeles challenged our program and promised to pay $1,000 if we increased his length by 4" like we did for one other client.

If He grew 4" he would pay $1,000 as his cost for the program. I tried to tell him the program only cost $39.99 but he wouldn't listen.

I told him all of the benefits the program had...

1) Increase his length and width
2) The program is natural and safe
3) He could do the program in only ten minutes
4) The program was guaranteed to work

I also told him how his LIFE would become better by using our program

1) He would feel more secure about himself and his ability
2) His wife would notice an immediate improvement
3) His health would be better than it was when he was 20

Jim wouldn't listen though....he told me point blank "Listen doc...I'll pay you $1,000 if your program makes me 4" longer"; he stated on the phone. "But Jim", I said..."you don't have to do that because it only costs $39.99 to access the manual on-line 24/7.".

Well, to make a long story short...I took Jim up on his offer.

Jim followed the program religiously for 5 months....constant emails with questions...I answered them all. I answer all questions sent to me by clients who purchase any product or program from my site.

The time came to put up or shut up.

The final measurement arrived...3 1/4 inch increase.

When I contacted Jim to tell him I was amazed and pleased with his progress on my program he was straight to the point.

"You know doc", Jim said. "I was willing to give you out of my own pocket $1,000 to gain 4 inches. That's a lot of money to me." "It is to me as well," I mentioned back. "I have 8 children and they all play sports!"

"Well doc...I'm not going to give you that $1,000 because I didn't gain the 4 inches. I'm going to give $750...$250 per inch."

To make a long story short, I didn't accept his money. I only accepted the same amount I would charge you, $39.99. I told him if he felt inclined to donate the remainder to a charity of his choice.

And by the way...I don't accept challenges any more!

©2008 by Dr. Williams

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