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The Evolution of the Penis Enlargement

Natural penis enlargement exercises have been in existence for some time. There are differing theories as to where the natural penis enlargement exercise program originated from. Some say that it originated in ancient times, when Arabic fathers would prepare their sons for marriage by using a technique which some refer to as jelqing. This however, is not substantiated at all in any literature. In fact, the term itself is of recent creation by an on-line penis enlargement Website

The Internet has been credited with the popularization (orre-popularization, as it were) of natural penis enlargement, with variations on natural penis enlargement techniques. Many books about penis enlargement have been written, detailing natural exercises which can increase penis length and penis girth.

The techniques detailed by most authors are rigorous and time-consuming, taking as much as 45 minutes in a single sitting. Not our program, however, it only takes 10 minutes per day (quite a time saver!)

Natural penis enlargement is based on the idea that the cavernosa and spongiosum, the two pieces of spongy tissue in the penis, can be expanded to hold more blood. Natural penis enlargement exercises keeping blood in the penis then utilizing a force+motion to move the blood around. Just imagine you fill a balloon partially with water and use one hand to clamp the end of the balloon, pushing the water into the end.

Then, taking the other hand, applying slight pressure and pushing the water towards the end of the balloon. To continue with this analogy, the pressure exerted through the fluid inside of the balloon would stretch the rubber, and the capacity of the balloon would increase.

With the advent of plastic surgery, and with advances in things like liposuction and other cosmetic pursuits, medicine (if it could even be called thus) proclaimed that it had found the cure. Penis size was easily conquerable, with suspensory surgery, fat transfer surgery, implants, or a host of other developments which would end the worries of the world's insecure male population.

These techniques were implemented with a minimum of testing, and little to no scientific validity or approval. All across America and the world doctors grew fat off the darkest embarrassments of men. They left behind them a trail of disaster. Implants failed, surgical scars became infected, men lost the ability to perform sexually. These techniques continue, left unchecked by modern medicine.

There is a reason that penile surgery has remained in the category of "cosmetic operations.". Physicians use surgery on the penis to treat severe Peyronie's disease and hypospadias, among a handful of other infections and genetic disorders which can affect the penis. The skin and tissue inside the penis are very delicate, which makes surgery a last resort to help correct problems in the genital area.

Penis enlargement websites have quickly become very popular money-making schemes by motivated webmasters. The amount of actual information and knowledge about natural penis enlargement on the internet, and indeed inthe world, is minimal.

Our site is different. Remember, we are the only site run by a physician. Our program is based upon research, trial and error and actual patient testing. Part of our program in fact, is based upon a principle that won the Nobel Prize two years ago.

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