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Be your own Testosterone Factory - Part 1

This is the first of a four part series. Have you considered measuring your levels? Do you think you need to measure them?

Here's a brief list of low or borderline low testosterone symptoms:

1) Decreased sex drive
2) Decreased ability to perform
3) Increase in body weight
4) Difficulty concentrating on task at hand
5) Under chronic stress (business/relationship)
6) Decreased energy

The above are just a small smaple of the symptoms. But in order to check your levels you've only really had one option..that's to make an appointment, let his receptionist know what's wrong with you..then slink into his/her office and tell them you're having troubles.

Here's a little joke that applies to our discussion:

What do trial lawyers, violent criminals, hell-raising frat boys, German soccer fans and battle-hardened Marines have in common? Close-cropped haircuts right? Nope..actually it's high levels of Testosterone.

Jim Dabbs, PhD, a social psychologist at Georgia State University discovered all of the above groups were frothing with the male hormone. In fact saliva tests, the same one we offered here revealed most of them had levels 10%-20% above average.

Interesting, this quirk of biology gave these men three distinct characteristics:

1) They were agressive
2) They were bold
3) They were focused

Adrian Dobbs, M.D. of Johns Hopkins University states clearly, "Having adequate levels of testosterone is critical for maintaining lean muscle mass, sexual potency and cognitive function.

Ken Goldberg M.D. of the Male Health Center in Dallss states "Between 8-12 million men have low or borderline low testosterone levels..and 95% of them don't know it." Men in their late 20's on up fall prey to decreased levels of the vital hormone.

Allen Seftel M/D. of Case Western Reserve University instructs "If you have reduced levels of sexual desire and/or sexual performance, you should have your levels checked immediately.

The good news is that you can in fact you can check them in your own home with a simple, safe kit and nobody will ever know.

Next report...the 13 steps to increase your "juice" safely.

©2008 by Dr. Williams

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