Beware the Ides of March

The Ides of March in the Roman calendar was the 15th day of the Roman month Martius. The date of 15th of March is famous because Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March, in 44 BC. Because of Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar and its line "Beware the Ides of March", the term possesses a foreboding of doom. (Wikkipedia)

Vincenzo Camuccini, Mort de César, 1798

As of the March 21st the Iran government has banned the use of the dollar and merchants and businesses in Iran using the dollar to trade may be arrested and put in prison. Iran will only sell its oil in Euros after that date.

The position of the dollar as the reserve currency of the world is being challenged. North Korea and Malaya followed Iran in banning the dollar. The Korean decision is really quirky as King John’s Ill is famous for counterfeiting the US dollars and shipping them in vast quantities to his embassies round the world. So King John’s Ill will have to ban himself from his little fiddles and retire the printing presses if he wants to set a good example and keep his own laws. Funny eh?

The issue of Iran as a nuclear nation may just be a red herring, a trumped up charge. As the real affront is the decision to not use the American dollar for trade and the sale of oil. Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy are the last two leaders that tried to get rid of the dollar and they met an untimely end. To usurp the power of the Federal Reserve is tantamount to a declaration of war or just plain suicide. There is no way the powers-that-be will allow for it, so the idea I suggested here a while ago of an attack on Iran on March 22nd doesn’t look so daft now. It is all about control of money and the foreign families that control the world and own the dollar. It is also about saving Israel, as they are the only ones to benefit from an attack on Iran. If oil is disrupted it won’t help Israel or the rest of the world, so we may all be headed for kosher chopped liver. Oi vey, what to do, already?

I said nine years ago the dollar will collapse eventually because of the debt and liabilities, which now stand at $53 trillion, and the way central banks around the world are currently fleeing from the dollar in droves maybe be a forerunner of events to come. The Feds used to publish a list of the new money they generated (M3), but now they keep it secret so that tells you there is a massive scam going on holding up the Ivory Tower by printing or creating new dollars to shore up the stock market and the debt.

The real estate collapse in the US isn’t helping much as people are locked into mortgages and assets they can’t get rid of, and pensions are just about to evaporate overnight. So the Yuppie dream is to slip from them just as they expect to retire and collect. Bit sad eh? JC said, “I will come as a thief in the night” I reckon ya man JC is on the roof top already. As soon as he’s finished his chopped liver sandwich he’ll be down the chimney doing a Farther Christmas in reverse, ya Tonka toys might go missing and your RV reincarnates in a few weeks time as a paperweight, very strange.

It’s all terrible interesting. Talk about the burning Bush…it is reported his dad has secretly bought a massive ranch in Paraguay where the Nazis hid after the war. That is a very wise move I reckon. People may try to eat him and his son once the McNuggets fail to arrive. I’ve said before we can only wait and watch while the global-ego dies and try to love people and be kind when they cry. And please don’t cry for me Paraguay, I plunged every dime possible into gold, and so did many other faithful readers of this site, so there might be a tomorrow after all.

The Bush boys are going to like Paraguay it is like the Wild West; businessmen walk down the main street in Ascencion in formal jackets and suits with fancy ornamental guns strapped to their legs with gold-colored bullets in their holsters, and the restaurants serve steaks the size of small horse. Sadly, I never did find out if John Wayne was gay, but he might have been Paraguayan, I reckon. The mystery continues.

©2010, Stuart Wilde

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Stuart Wilde is an urban mystic, a modern visionary, he's written fifteen books on consciousness and awareness. His perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership over the years.

He has been a researcher of consciousness for over twenty years. Some consider him an expert on transdimensional worlds and the phenomena of the supernatural. He has simple a way of explaining things that hitherto have seemed a mystery.

Stuart's political writings are satirical and often very funny. Nonetheless, he seems to have an accurate grip on the ebb and flow of world events and many of his long-term views and predictions have turned out to be quite prophetic. He has written 15 books on consciousness and awareness including Affirmations: What I Am Has Beauty & Strength His latest book is called God's Gladiators. For information on the Redeemer’s Club click here:

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