Avoid Soft Drinks

In October 2004 I posted some visions here that suggested the soft drink makers like Coke and Pepsi might be in for a tumble. The aspartame in cola is very toxic and the manufactures are subject to a three hundred million dollar class action suit for damages.

The crisis seems to be gathering steam from a different direction. Seven Indian states have banned Coke and Pepsi because of pesticides in their drinks. The US government is furious and they have demanded that Manmohan Singh, the Indian prime minister, do something about the ban.

Coke hit back saying there is no more pesticide in their drinks than there is in beef. As most Indians are vegetarian Hindus so it is not a very convincing argument.

Poor Mr. Singh is terrified of upsetting the American but what can he do? He has asked Coke and Pepsi to try offering pesticide-free beverages for those people that don’t have boll weevils or swamp lice in the gut that they want to kill.

Should be good.

©2010, Stuart Wilde

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Stuart Wilde is an urban mystic, a modern visionary, he's written fifteen books on consciousness and awareness. His perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership over the years.

He has been a researcher of consciousness for over twenty years. Some consider him an expert on transdimensional worlds and the phenomena of the supernatural. He has simple a way of explaining things that hitherto have seemed a mystery.

Stuart's political writings are satirical and often very funny. Nonetheless, he seems to have an accurate grip on the ebb and flow of world events and many of his long-term views and predictions have turned out to be quite prophetic. He has written 15 books on consciousness and awareness including Affirmations: What I Am Has Beauty & Strength His latest book is called God's Gladiators. For information on the Redeemer’s Club click here:

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