Words Can Heal


Encouraging Words

A twenty-four-year-old widow whose husband had recently been killed in an automobile accident, leaving her with three small children, was asked which words of consolation helped her most and which helped her least. She replied that the words which helped her least were blithe statements of nickel-and-dime philosophy. The words which helped her the most were from a friend who said: “You have the strength to get through this.”

Encouraging words are so simple to say, but they can change the course of a person’s life.

Many successful people reminiscence about a teacher in elementary or high school who said to them: “You could really become great if you try.”

Many successful athletes remember a coach who said to them: “You have what it takes to be a champion.”

Many successful musicians, artists, and actors attribute their proficiency to a teacher or mentor who said to them: “You have remarkable talent.”

A classic study showed that the elementary school children who get the highest grades are not those with the highest IQ, but rather those with the highest self-esteem. And our self-esteem, as we all know, derives in large measure from at least one person who esteemed us and let us know it.

How to Give the Gift of Encouraging Words

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