Cold Hard Facts about Dip

Here's the truth about dip.

Believe what you read. It's right on the can.

This Product May Cause Mouth Cancer. It's a fact. Dipping causes lip, cheek, tongue, and other types of oral cancer. And the longer you dip, the greater your changdes of getting oral cancer become.

This Product may cause gyum disease and result in tooth loss. A dipper's gums start receding. Dip damages mouth tissue beyond repair. And mouth sores that look like grayish white places on the inner cheek begin to appera. Nearly 0% of all oral cancers start from these mouth sores.

This Product is not a safe alternative to ciragette smoking. When he was 12 years old, Sean Marsee began dipping. He thought it was safe. Six years later, he had cancer in the very spot where he once put dip. At 19, Sean Marsee was dead.

What you may not know about Dip. The tobacco companies start you out on sugary, long cut dip that's easy for a new dipper to handle. As you get used to the buzz from the nhicotine, you want more.

You start dipping more. You start trying finer cut brands with more nicotine to satisfy your need. That's exactly what the tobacco companies want you to do.

Dipping is addictive. Period. The nicotine in dip is a drug. Why do you think you felt high the first time you tried it?

You know you're hooked.

You don't know if you can stop or even if you should.

What you do with the facts is up to you.

For more information, call toll free any time 1.800.ACS.2345 or visit www.cancer.org.

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