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3/13/05 - YOU "MEN" DON'T SOUND LIKE MEN AT ALL, YOU SOUND LIKE A BUNCH OF WHINY, HIPOCRYTICAL FEMENISTS. YOU WONDER WHY YOUR SON'S ARE GOING TO GROW UP TO BE GAY! (Editor: Of course, this "real man" didn't leave his name or email address to educate him on how people don't really "become" gay. Figures.)

3/10/05 - Jeff - I really love what you guys are doing. I read my daily thoughts every morning!! They are inspirational to me!

2/28/2005 - G.V.

I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for bringing this site about. I'm a woman, but it's restored a bit of faith for me in "the decent guy", previously in my life nothing more than a fleeing unicorn. I won't bore you, but I've had a hard life and no father as a kid, so it's a big relief, and I love the quote on the very front of the page about what a man should be. That's excellent.

So thank you once more for proving that men DO care about the world in general, especially the issues regarding your children. The women's sites that are currently out there don't even compare -- they're all about sex and lipstick.


I think ur getting all worked up over nothing A&F are juss trying to find away to advertise their clothes n in this day n age sex sell n by the way 2days kids no oral sex is a form of sex the only reason ur complaining about A&F is because ur stupid.

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