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Take Action 8 Ways
Be the First in Your Neighborhood
Become an Intern from Your Own Home

Other Volunteer Opportunities Around the U.S.

Take Action 8 Ways

Your action makes a difference and helps ensure that positive change. Why not do something this weekend?

Write: Send a hand-written letter to your Senator and Representative. Many Congressional offices pay the most attention to hand-written letters. Where to write

E-Mail: While most senators and representatives have e-mail, it doesn't command the attention that writing and calling does. Where to e-mail

Call: A phone call is an excellent way to show your support for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program. You can find the number for your Representative or Senator on the NPCC web site or by dialing the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Visit your Senator and Representative while they are home during the month of August. Many Representatives have a local office and most Senators have multiple offices around the state. Make an appointment to visit your Member of Congress in his/her local office. Expressing your opinion this way is very powerful

Letter to the Editor: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Let the general public, as well as the media know what you think. Members of Congress watch the papers very carefully. Your letter will have an impact.

Ask Others: Enlist your neighbors and friends to write a hand-written letter or send an email letter. A Senator or Representative will pay attention to a large number of letters on the same subject.

Post It with sample letter in the newsletter of your support group/civic association/church. Particularly if you have your own web site.

Tell Others: Tell your friends and family about the letter you wrote. Most people take action on an issue because it is important to them or someone they admire or care about. When you tell about your activities, it inspires other to take action as well.

Be the First in Your Neighborhood

We can't keep people informed on what's available locally if we don't know what's available. And, who knows better than people in local communities? In that regard, we're looking for regional contacts. Would you be willing to do one or more of the following to help get the word out to men in your community that reach out for help.

Become an Intern from Your Own Home

Available Areas

Here are some of the tasks our interns have participated in:


Time Commitment
The amount of time you spend daily, weekly, monthly or annually is totally up to you. These are unpaid positions but will give you a unique exposure into the world of men and men's studies.

If you plan to submit a request to your college or university to have your internship as part of your course of study, then the university may set a certain number of hours to fulfill course requirements.

Almost anyone could qualify:

Application for a position is easy:


Other Volunteer Opportunities Around the U.S.

Not only the Federal Government, but many corporations have reduced their charitable contributions in recent years. This means reduced services and in many cases, the elimination of some services. Many men's services, like this one, are run out of our homes. We foot the bill because of our commitment to men, communities, families, relationships, etc. To keep going, and in many cases just to survive, volunteers are needed. If you have a few minutes, hours, days, one-time or over a longer period of time, there is a place that can use you. Start by checking out our "Resource" index, looking under the category that looks most aligned with where you have been helped in the past, or where you would like to help now. Especially if you want to do direct men's work or father's work. VolumteerMatch doesn't have those categories yet. Second, is VolunteerMatch, a national non-profit system that has listings for volunteers all over the country. You pick what suits you best. Below, you can search for opportunities that you can do from home, on the computer, etc., like the opportunities we have. Or, if you can travel, it will give you opportunities within a mile of your zip code, 6 miles, 20 miles, etc. What have you done lately?  It's never to late to start!




We believe that positive change in roles and relationships is possible. We believe that women and men are each other's natural allies and are inherently eager to work together. Men are not women's enemy, nor vice versa. We believe that ending sexism is in the interest of both groups and equality will be achieved most quickly and effectively in the spirit of cooperation. We believe "Men make the best fathers" and that it is of utmost importance we find ways to insure that a father remains a parent to his child. (For our complete statement, see Position Statement.)


Since starting in1982, our volunteer organization has operated on the contributions. Most referral work is provided free as a public service. As men's issues have gained more national attention, the demand for services have brought costs up significantly. A month's out-lay of over $3,000, not including expenses for office space or staff time, typically includes $339 for phone, $482 for printing, $295 for mailing. With volunteering and contributions getting less and less each year, and personal contributions exceeding over $20,000 a year, our board, at our January, 2001 meeting, decided to eliminate phone, mail and e-mail responses and put the Browsers' Bookmobile in moth balls (we went over 30,000 miles through 26 states in the last 4 1/2 years). We love to do the grassroots work. We're just tired of working another 30-40 hours a week to pay for it. We will concentrate our time and effort on building the website and resource lists and hope that the concentration in this area will serve those men in need.


The organization is unique in that it is the only central source in the U.S. that provides such a wide variety of information on the full spectrum of over 100 men's issues involving all of the various men's movements. We have literally reached millions of people with our services, through mailings, articles, and radio and television appearances and this web site. We went on line in August of 1996 when there were fewer than 30,000 web sites world wide. At last count (October 1, 2014) we ranked in the top 20% of the top million web sitee in the world and ranked We have received hundreds of letters from men and their families telling us of the positive impact we have had on their lives.


We receive more information requests than we can handle. We also need help. Like someone to gather information, books and resources on fathering a disabled or challenged child, review our book list to determine which books are out of print, and more. Let us know how you can help.We can always use volunteer help and are open to your suggestions. Are there any services you can offer? Let us know. Click Feedback.

We would like to have a full-time paid staff to respond to the many inquiries so we can continue to be a positive influence on the national media to get more male-positive stories about what men are doing. The media call daily for references. As a volunteer organization, it has been difficult to provide all they need within the short deadlines news people require.

We need additional people for our "Volunteer Speakers' Bureau" and our "Advisory Panel" who have expertise in one or more men's issues and are willing to talk and/or write about them.

We would like to develop a system, similar to Planned Parenthood's "Facts of Life Line," that provides important information quickly without involving individual staff time and the cost of out-going phone calls. As you can see, we've developed quite an extensive web site, but would also like to have this information available to those who don't have access to a computer or the knowledge to access the information. Establishing a computer bulletin board and acquiring a national 800 or 900 number would also give anyone in the country access to the information they need.


Power Point system and presentations/videos on Prostate and Testicular Cancer $3,000; IBM Voice Recognition system ($800); Digicam - ($500). Unit that projects computer screen onto a larger presentation screen ($700); Food Certificates - Dennys, any regional/national chain (up to $5,000/year); GAS - National brand - NOT Exxon (up to $5,000/year); Communications: Satalite phone, fax, modem, phone card ($120-$500/mo); 888 or 900 number - to access info on various men's issues ($ ?). Requires a programmed computer with voice messages for each of the 350 men's issues ($10,000+ one time); AOL - e.mail ($25/mo); Web Site - Menstuff on web at (over $100/mo); FYI - info brochures on various men's issues: fathering, circumcision, health, etc. ($200 each); Staff I: One person committed to present speeches, do health fair booths, etc. Basically a year-around position from 8 to 18 hours/day including weekends. ($50,000/year); Payment of health ($4,000), vehicle insurance ($1,000); maintenance: $2,000. Staff II: One person to receive, sort and re-send correspondance weekly ($50/wk); Out-of-pocket: Printing: replacement and new informational brochures, bumper stickers, buttons, supplies, etc. ($2,000) Testicular Self-Exam Shower Cards - We would like to have every male in the U.S. from puberty to 18 to have one of these cards. $1.00 each. Postage - ($2,000). Develop a Film: On Testicular Cancer and have one donated to every junior high school and high school in the US. ($ ???)


These are big dreams but we also believe that our work will be a major factor in making this world safe for children. We need you to not only dream along with us, but help us out. Your contribution will make a difference.

Yours in growth, Gordon Clay, Web Master, Speaker & Curator of the Browsers' Bookmobile


Yes! I want to support this work. Here's my contribution. For this, I will receive a big Thank You! Make your check payable to: Gordon Clay

Member - $35___; Special friend - $50___; Organization - $100___: Benifactor - $1,000___:

Life support - $5,000___: All contributions help!___

Name____________________________ Address ______________________________ City____________________________ State__ Zip________ Phone ( )_______________ Email: ______________@_________________ 
Web Site: http://___________________


I am knowledgeable on the following issues and would like to be on your Volunteer Speakers' Bureau: _______________________________________________

How can we schedule someone to speak to our organization, club, group: ______

We'd like to have more information about the following:

___ Everyman - A day for men that helps you bring men in your community together for a day of information and process with the goal of building a local men's community.

___ Healing the Father Wound® For Men Only ___, For Women Only___. Since 1986, we have presented programs from 35 minutes to 3 days utilizing experiential exercises to work through many of the hidden feelings and pain around our fathers & relationships with others to begin the healing process.

___ Healing the Mother Wound® For Men Only ___, For Women Only ___. Since 1995, we have presented a 3 day retreat utilizing experiential exercises to work through many of the hidden feelings and pain around our mothers & relationships with others to begin the healing


Send to: Gordon Clay, PO Box 1080, Brookings, OR 97415-0024

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