Don't let your child go to one of these Colleges!

This is Menstuff®'s answer regarding the "What are college presidents thinking?" dilemma.

Unless you want your children to have easy, legal access and encouragement to drink as college freshmen. You see, the presidents or chancellor's of over 100 colleges and universities in the United Status are lobbying to lower the drinking age to 18 in their states. Anyone who knows the true life problems with this should be outraged. And, at the least, parents with children considering any of these colleges, should encourage their child not to apply to any of them. It's interesting to note that 30 of these officials are women and at least 10 of the colleges are religiously based.

Knowing that these colleges and universities believe that the mind and body of an 18 year-old is ready to deal in a healthy way with alcohol, doesn't that make you think they just might not be the best place to guide your child in other areas of their lives into the future?

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