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Menstuff® has compiled the following list of the top 100 of 570 men's issues books as listed on on 5/19/04 sorted by "best selling".

1. Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul by John Eldredge (Hardcover )

2. Every Man's Battle : Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

3. Every Young Man's Battle : Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

4. The Power of a Praying Husband by Stormie Omartian (Paperback - July 2001)

5. Wild at Heart Field Manual: A Personal Guide to Discover the Secret of Your Masculine Soul by John Eldredge (Author) (Paperback )

6. No More Excuses: Be the Man God Made You to Be by Anthony T. Evans, Tony Evans (Hardcover - March 1996)

7. Disciplines of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes (Hardcover - September 2001)

8. You Have What It Takes : What Every Father Needs to Hear by John Eldredge (Author) (Paperback )

9. Man in the Mirror, The by Patrick Morley, R. C. Sproul (Mass Market Paperback )

10. Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis, Stu Weber (Paperback )

11. Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Workbook for Men by Leslie Parrott, Les Parrott (Paperback )

12. Tender Warrior : God's Intention For A Man by Stu Weber (Author) (Paperback )

13. Every Young Man's Battle Workbook : Practical Help in the Fight for Sexual Purity by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

14. Discovering The Mind Of A Woman The Key To Becoming A Strong And Irresistable Husband Is... by Ken Nair (Paperback )

15. The Samson Syndrome : What You Can Learn from the Baddest Boy in the Bible by Mark Atteberry (Author) (Paperback )

16. Winning Your Wife Back Before It's Too Late: Whether She's Left Physically Or Emotionally, All That Matters Is... by Gary Smalley, et al (Hardcover )

17.The Married Guy's Guide to Great Sex: Building a Passionate, Intimate, and Fun Love Life by Clifford Penner, Joyce Penner (Hardcover )

18. Every Woman's Desire: Every Man's Guide to Winning the Heart of a Woman by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

19. Soul Brothers: Men in the Bible Speak to Men Today by Richard Rohr, Louis Glanzman (Illustrator) (Paperback - April 2004)

20. Every Man's Battle Workbook : The Path to Sexual Integrity Starts Here by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

21. The Right Thing by Scott Waddle, Ken Abraham (Hardcover - January 2003)

22. What Is the Difference?: Manhood and Womanhood Defined According to the Bible by John Piper, Elisabeth Elliot (Paperback - August 2001)

23. Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family by Steve Farrar (Author) (Paperback )

24. Sex, Men and God: A Godly Man's Roadmap to Sexual Success by Doug, Dr Weiss, Douglas Weiss (Paperback - May 2002)

25. The Man God Uses by Tom Blackaby, Henry T. Blackaby (Hardcover - September 1999)

26. The Exemplary Husband: A Biblical Perspective by Stuart Scott, John MacArthur (Paperback - November 2002)

27. Men of the Bible by Ann Spangler, Robert D. Wolgemuth (Hardcover )

28. Seven Promises Of A Promise Keeper by Jack Hayford et al (Paperback )

29. She Calls Me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth, Gary Smalley (Paperback )

30. In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man : The One God Approves and a Woman Wants by Michelle McKinney Hammond (Paperback )

31. Growth into Manhood : Resuming the Journey by Alan Medinger (Paperback )

32. Ten Secrets for the Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley (Paperback )

33. Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men by Myles, Dr Munroe (Paperback - February 2002)

34. Complete Husband by Lou Priolo, Louis Paul Priolo (Paperback - February 1999)

35. What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women by James C. Dobson (Paperback - October 1977)

36. Every Young Man's Battle Guide : Weapons for the War Against Sexual Temptation by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

37. The Unspoken Rules of Love : What Women Don't Know and Men Don't Tell You by Joel Brooks (Author), Michelle McKinney Hammond (Author) (Paperback)

38. The Family's Man: Devotions for Men Who Love Their Families by Daniel Pfaffe (Paperback - March 2001)

39. Men in Leadership: Daily Devotions to Guide Today's Leading Men (One Minute Bible) by Bob Briner, Lawrence Kimbrough (Hardcover - October 1999)

40. Maximized Manhood: A Guide to Family Survival by Edwin Louis Cole, Ben Kinchlow (Paperback )

41. Every Man, God's Man : Every Man's Guide to...Courageous Faith and Daily Integrity by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

42. Being God's Man by Pursuing Friendships by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

43. Communication, Sex and Money by Edwin Louis Cole (Paperback - June 2002)

44. Future Men by Douglas Wilson (Paperback )

45. NIV Men's Devotional Bible by Zondervan Bible Publishers (Hardcover - March 1993)

46. Healing The Masculine Soul : God's Restoration of Men to Real Manhood by Gordon Dalbey (Author) (Paperback )

47. Finishing Strong : Going the Distance for Your Family by Steve Farrar (Author) (Paperback )

48. The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers by Ken R. Canfield (Paperback - February 1995)

49. God's Gift to Women : Discovering the Lost Greatness of Masculinity by Eric Ludy (Author) (Paperback )

50. Every Man's Marriage Workbook: How to Win Your Wife's Heart...Again and Forever by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

51. El Poder Del Esposo Que Ora by Stormie Omartian (Paperback - January 2003)

52. The Hidden Value of a Man: The Incredible Impace of a Man on His Family by Gary Smalley, John T. Trent (Paperback - April 1994)

53. Every Man's Battle Audio [Abridged] by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Audio CD )

54. Loose That Man & Let Him Go! by T. D. Jakes (Paperback - January 1996)

55. Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them: Breaking the Cycle of Physical and Emotional Abuse by Paul Hegstrom (Paperback - March 1999)

56. Six Battles Every Man Must Win: And the Ancient Secrets You'll Need to Succeed by Bill Perkins (Hardcover )

57. What Makes a Man?: Twelve Promises That Will Change Your Life by Stephen Griffith, et al (Paperback - April 1993)

58. Capture Her Heart: Becoming the Godly Husband Your Wife Desires by Lysa Terkeurst (Paperback - April 2002)

59. The Heart of a Tender Warrior: Becoming a Man of Purpose (Life Change Books) by Stu Weber (Author) (Hardcover )

60. Husbands and Fathers: Rediscover the Creator's Purpose for Men by Derek Prince, Edwin Louis Cole (Paperback - January 2000)

61. American Medical Association Complete Guide to Men's Health by The American Medical Association (Hardcover )

62. Four Pillars of a Man's Heart : Bringing Strength Into Balance by Stu Weber (Author) (Paperback )

63. Every Man's Battle Guide : Weapons for the War Against Sexual Temptation by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

64. Straight Talk to Men : Timeless Principles for Leading Your Family by Dr. James Dobson (Author) (Paperback )

65. The Power of a Praying Husband: Prayer Pak by Stormie Omartian (Paperback - January 2002)

66. A More Elite Soldier: Pursuing a Life of Purpose by Chuck Holton (Author) (Paperback )

67. The Exemplary Husband: A Biblical Perspective (Study Guide) by Stuart Scott (Spiral-bound - June 2001)

68. Tempered Steel: How God Shaped a Man's Heart Through Adversity by Steve Farrar (Author) (Paperback )

69. The Maxims of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen by Richard G. Williams Jr., Harry W. Crocker III (Paperback - November 2002)

70. Coming Out to Parents: A Two-Way Survival Guide for Lesbians and Gay Men and Their Parents by Mary V. Borhek (Paperback - October 1993)

71. Follow Me: Discipleship by the Book by David E. Schroeder (Paperback - July 1996)

72. A Man After God's Own Heart by Jim George (Paperback - July 2002)

73. Boy's Passage, Man's Journey by Brian D. Molitor (Paperback - April 2004)

74. The Young Man in the Mirror: A Rite of Passage into Manhood by Patrick Morley (Paperback - January 2003)

75. Matchstick Men : A Novel About Grifters with Issues by Eric Garcia (Author) (Paperback )

76. Coming Out of Homosexuality: New Freedom for Men & Women by Bob Davies, Lori Rentzel (Paperback - January 1994)

77. When Your Father Dies: How a Man Deals With the Loss of His Father by David R. Veerman, Bruce B. Barton (Hardcover - September 2003)

78. A Husband After God's Own Heart by Jim George (Paperback - January 2004)

79. Ties That Bind: The SM/Leather/Fetish Erotic Style: Issues, Commentaries and Advice by Guy Baldwin, Joseph Bean (Editor) (Paperback - February 1993)

80. Being God's Man in the Face of Temptation by Stephen Arterburn (Author), et al (Paperback )

81. How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You by Connie Grigsby (Author), Nancy Cobb (Author) (Paperback )

82. Prayers That Avail Much for Men by Germaine Copeland (Hardcover - May 1999)

83. Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley (Paperback )

84. The Heart of A Father by Ken R. Canfield, et al (Hardcover )

85. Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul [Unabridged] by John Eldredge, Kelly Dolan (Narrator) (Audio Cassette - January 2004)

86. The Apostles: Becoming Unified Through Diversity (Men of Character) by Gene A. Getz (Paperback - September 1998)

87. Reel Time With God by Steve Chapman (Paperback - July 2001)

88. Lamentations of the Father by Ian Frazier, Bruce Zick (Illustrator) (Hardcover - November 2000)

89. Gettin' There: A Passage Through the Psalms : How a Man Finds His Way on the Trail of Life by Steve Farrar (Author) (Paperback )

90. Dobson 2-in-1: Love Must Be Tough/straight Talk by James C. Dobson (Hardcover )

91. Men Of Integrity A Daily Guide To The Bible And Prayer by Various (Author) (Paperback ) Out of Print--Limited Availability

92. Strong Men in Tough Times by Edwin Louis Cole (Paperback - May 2002)

93. Women and Men in Ministry: A Complementary Perspective by Robert L. Saucy (Editor), Judith Tenelshof (Editor) (Hardcover - May 2001)

94. Effective Men's Ministry by Patrick M. Morley (Editor), et al (Paperback )

95. The Life of a God-Made Man by Dan Doriani, Daniel M. Doriani (Paperback - August 2001)

96. Crossing the Soul's River: A Rite of Passage for Men by William O. Roberts, Bill Roberts (Paperback - December 1998)

97. The Christian Husband: God's Vision for Loving and Caring for Your Wife by Bob Lepine, Dennis Rainey (Paperback - February 2004)

98. The Masculine Spirit: Resources for Reflective Living by Max Oliva (Paperback - August 1997)

99. Men in the Bible: Examples to Live by Don Charles, Donald Charles (Paperback - March 1999)

100. Velvet & Steel: A Practical Guide for Christian Father and Grandfathers by John K. Ream (Paperback - September 1997)

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