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Madonna, now a 44-year-old mother of two, is back to the controversy-causing ways of her youth, thanks to an anti-war video for her new single "American Life."

Ever-morphing Madge hopes music lovers will think twice about a possible war with Iraq after viewing the music video, which depicts the "catastrophic repercussions and horror of war," said the singer's publicist Liz Rosenberg.

On Sunday, The Drudge Report (excerpts below) ran a description of the video, claiming it was "the most shocking anti-war, anti-Bush statement yet to come from the show business industry," complete with a "mad frenzy" of bloody babies, Iraqi children and limb-less victims.

But on Monday, Rosenberg downplayed Drudge's story, telling the Associated Press, "It is an anti-war video, but the purpose of the video, as with a lot of Madonna's work, is to be thought provoking," adding that it was not "specifically anti-Bush at all." She denied reports of Iraqi children or bloody images but conceded that could change in post-production.

Instead, the video is "a panoramic view of our culture and looming war through the view of a female superhero portrayed by Madonna," said Rosenberg. "It is many other things as well" as anti-war, she added.

According to a description released by the rep on Monday, the video, directed by Jonas Akerlund, starts with "a runway show of couture army fatigues," before escalating into a violent statement against the horrors of war. Some reports have the musically minded thespian lobbing a grenade at the catwalk.

A casting call, which reportedly went out before the February 3 Los Angeles-based shoot, asked for four beautiful models, 10 long-haired soldier types who would be willing to shave their locks for the video, two Iraqi children and an African-American male, among others.

The single and video of "American Life" are scheduled for an early March release, with the CD of the same name hitting stores April 22. Madonna's last studio album, Music, was released in 2000.

Here's hoping fans respond to the music video better than they do to Madonna's big-screen efforts. The actress-singer received four Golden Raspberry nominations yesterday for her "unappealing performance" in Swept Away.

Meanwhile, the Material One is gearing up for another fight, this time with a British celebrity magazine. After Heat claimed Madonna was with child, the star filed a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission, a watchdog group that monitors the British media.

Heat came to the pregnant conclusion after reporting that Madonna had visited a birth specialist, stopped dying her hair (the chemicals can be unhealthy for mother and unborn child) and was wearing baggy clothes. Madonna denied the allegations. The commission is reportedly trying to mediate but has no real power to give Heat any more than a slap on the wrist if the magazine is found in breach of Britain's code of press conduct.
Source: Lia Haberman,,1,11265,00.html?tnews:

Excerpts: Editing is in progress on a musical video concept which insiders say may be the most shocking anti-war, anti-Bush statement yet to come from the showbusiness industry. (Probably not much different, however, from the campaign advertisements candidates have used in recent years. - Editor)

"She's taking it all the way this time," one source said from Los Angeles over the weekend, "pushing all of the buttons... It is a sweeping political commentary on the modern 'American Dream' and how 'nothing is what is seems.'" The song will be released to radio next week.

Dressed in commando fatigues, Madonna throws grenades as the techno terror beat pounds, claims a source. Limb-less men and women are reportedly shown, with bloody babies. One disturbing clip features Iraqi children. (Why should reality be so disturbing?) "The video escalates into a mad frenzy depicting the catastrophic repercussion and horror of war."

The shock film for AMERICAN LIFE comes as Madonna returns to the musical spotlight with a CD of original songs, set for an April release. "AMERICAN LIFE is about freedom of speech," claims an insider. "It examines not only war, greed and ego, but it's self-reflective also. Madonna rejects her 'Material Girl' image once and for all, and warns of life in a material world."

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