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JFK - The Movie
JFK Assassination Materials Disclosure Act

JFK - The Movie

During a time when our government (the "Super Duper" world power, as President Bush likes to refer to us) is creating a war machine with the desire to invade other countries, and develop a huge media effort to keep us all in separation, isolation and fear, maybe it's time to take 206 minutes out of this chaos, rent the movie JFK, make some popcorn, and think about our past and our future. In doing this, watch where the money goes from all of the Defense (War) Department's spending. The Viet Nam "conflict" took 2 million Asian lives and 58,000 American lives plus 5220 billion spent, 10 million Americans airlifted there by commercial aircraft, more than 5,000 helicopters lost, and 6.5 million tons of bombs dropped.

A Congressional investigation from 1976-1979 found a "probable conspiracy" in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and recommended the Justice Department investigate further. As of 1991, the year the film was released, the Justice Department has done nothing, the files of the House Select Committee on Assassinations are locked away until the year 2029. However, following the film Congress created the 1992 Assassination Materials Disclosure Act?

JFK Assassination Materials Disclosure Act

On July 22, the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs reported out S.3006, the Assassination Materials Disclosure Act of 1992. The Committee report (S. Rept. 102-328), said, "The legislation is designed and retitled to achieve the single most important purpose of the Act: public access to the assassination records." The Committee report stated further that the records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are the most publicly sought-after, unreleased records of our government. The legislation would establish the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection at the National Archives and Records Administration, and would authorize an appropriation of $4.5 million a year in 1993, 94 and 95 for the expedited review and public disclosure of records related to the assassination of President Kennedy. The Committee report also states that "it is intended that the Kennedy autopsy records contained in the HSCA records should be restored to the original collection," and will be treated as Kennedy autopsy records "which are exempt from disclosure under the Act."

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