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Bald Eagle Tends to Nest As Single Dad
Please don't call this dad Mr. Mom
Work At Home Dads Help Promote Parenting/Professional Balance

Work At Home Dads Help Promote Parenting/Professional Balance

Work-at-home fathers used to be an interesting anomaly. Once playfully chided as "Mr. Mom" and "Soccer Dad," today's home-working fathers proudly are steering the family minivans right into mainstream culture. They're contributing to parenting and providing a more balanced workplace and community.

And finally, they're getting their due. This June 14 is National Work @ Home Father's Day. Held each year on the Friday before Father's Day, it is the one day set aside to honor and celebrate those working fathers who have elected to work from home - either as home-based entrepreneurs or teleworkers - as a means to improve family interaction, professional satisfaction - and balance between the two.

Now in its second year, the event features the contest, "Why I Work @ Home: A Dad's View." To enter, work-at-home dads must submit a 250-word essay on how working from home has improved the balance between their family and professional lives. The prize package valued at more than $250.00 includes assorted home office accessories, a "Father's World" T-shirt; a Goin' SOHO! baseball cap; a copy of the award-winning CD-ROM Your Profitable Home Business Made E-Z and the book Safe@Home: Seven Keys to Home Office Security, both of which are from home office author and consultant Jeff Zbar.

Men comprise 55% of today's 37 million at-home workers, and some 45% of all at-home workers have at least one child under 18 in the home, according to research firm IDC. For millions of work-at-home dads and their families, Work @ Home Father's Day only validates something they already know: this workstyle is no longer a novelty, but a rewarding - and very mainstream - experience.

"With all the events that have occurred in the past year, work-at-home fatherhood is really hitting its stride in America today," said Zbar, a married work-at-home business journalist and father of three young children. "Families, clients and peers are much more accepting of today's dad working from home, which only helps Dad feel that much more secure and happy in his place in the home office - and the home."

The modern work-at-home father is even more important in those households where he is the sole care-giver and provider. A strong and present father-figure creates a positive role model and impression on a young child.

"We're role models, care givers, providers and friends to our children," said David Drucker, a ten-year work-at-home dad and founder of, and online community and off-line non-profit organization for involved dads. "In today's world, there's no more important role to play."

To enter "Why I Work@Home: A Father's View," entrants must be fathers with at least one in-home, minor child, and must work or telework from a home office at least one day each week. The essay can be no more than 250 words in length. Submit entries to Work @ Home Father's Day Essay Contest, P.O. Box 8263 Coral Springs, FL 33075-8263, or Entries must be postmarked or emailed no later than June 1, 2002. Winners will be announced on June 14, 2002. For complete rules, visit


Jeff Zbar, Chief Home 888-GO-SOHO-1
David Drucker, 866-737-DADS
Media Contact: Don Silver of Boardroom Communications (954) 370-8999 or

Bald Eagle Tends to Nest As Single Dad

Within earshot of traffic roaring along the Capital Beltway, a suddenly single dad is waging a quiet struggle to save his offspring — a nest of bald eagle eggs on the verge of hatching.

The eagle, nicknamed George by workers building a new Beltway bridge, lost his mate, Martha, when she was attacked by another female eagle Wednesday. The aggressor may have been trying to take over George and Martha's nest in suburban Maryland, which is valuable real estate for the area's booming bald eagle population.

After watching Martha fall in a dramatic midair battle, construction workers sought help from Stephanie R. Spears, an environmental specialist working with the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project.

Spears rushed the bleeding mother eagle to a veterinary hospital in Newark, Del., where she was being treated for puncture wounds and a damaged beak that may need weeks of rehabilitation.

George was left alone to guard the nest and at least two eggs — difficult because he needs to hunt for food twice a day, and the attacking female remains a threat. Spears said she and federal wildlife officials were considering whether to move the eggs, or chicks, into a surrogate nest where they might have a better chance at survival.

Editor's note: Another possible exampleof the government removing a nurturing father from caring for his children.

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