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Some Facts

In 1954: DOW Corning/Chemical finds that silica in silicone implants has a high order of toxicity

In 1954/55: DOW Chemical was scientist H.C. Spencer in 1954 that silicone causes health problems, and by Dow Chemical scientist, V.K. Rowe in 1955 that silicone spreads throughout the body, and causes organ damage!!!

In 1960: Silicone injections were classified as a criminal offence

In 1968: A scret study conducted by DOW revealed that dogs were implanted with silicone gel filled bags and the silicone leaked and dispersed through the system.

In 1968: "Cockroaches went into the silicone fluid only...and...never got more than a few inches from the dish before dying..." (Texaco and Shell studies obtained from Dow Corning).

In 1975: "I don't know who is responsible for the decision (to put faulty implants on the market) but it has to rank right up there with the Pinto gas tank!!!" (Bob Schnabel. Dow Salesman, in letter to his boss)

In 1975:  Plastic surgeons complained to DOW Corning that the implants were oily and seemed to be leaking. Salesmen were instructed to wash and ry the implants before showing them to doctors (Buyers)

In 1975: DOW Corning's company training video for plastic surgeons is edited - to delete - references to implant ruptures.

In 1976: Thomas Talcott, senior DOW Corning materials engineer leaves DOW Corning in a dispute over the safety of silicone.

In 1976:  DOW Corning study reveals that the lining of silicone implants, loses strength when sitting on the shelf.

In 1976: Art Rathjen a DOW Corning technical services specialist complained about the lack of any scientific evidence for safety of silicone.

In 1978: DOW Corning misrepresents in a patient brochure that laboratory studies prove that implants last a lifetime.

In 1978: William Bolet (DOW Corning's Chief Biomaterials Safety) said that it is highly probable that a woman's onset of lupus is connected to silicone implants.

In 1978: DOW Corning started receiving complaints from salespeople and surgeons, that implants can spontaneously rupture.

In 1985: William Boley and other DOW scientists conclude that the preponderence of available data suggests that silicone can produce immune mediated diseases.

In 1990: "At hearings in December 1990, Dow Corning misled the House Committee on Government Operations by testifying that silicone posed no safety problems or health risks. In addition, Dow Corning also refused to provide key documents requested by the committee" Rep. James Traficant

In 1992: The FDA limits future sales of silicone breast implants!

In 1993: "...There were no tests for implant materials...All we could do was put it in and look and see what happens. There were no standards.There was no protocols..There was nothing."..(Silas Braley desposition, former director,Dow Corning's Center for Aid to Medical Research.1993)

In 1993: DOW Corning acknowledges that silicone may not be inert.

In 1993: Chief medical officer for DOW Corning said "It clearly raises my concern that silicone gel might cause immune-system diseases."

In 1994: Plastic surgeons file lawsuits against DOW Corning for damaging their reputation and for misrepresenting the quality of the implants.

In 1994: If you have (or had) a ruptured silicone breast implant, you will be denied Health Insurance Coverage.

FYI: The FDA has stated the rupture rate is over 70%


What Have I Got to Lose?

Many cosmetic changes are easy to undo. Breast implants are not. Once the skin and natural breast tissue have been stretched by breast implants, they will never look the same as they did before the implant surgery. Most plastic surgeons try to persuade their patients to replace a problem implant, warning them that they will be depressed by their appearance if they are taken out and not replaced. This should be of particular concern to parents who are considering implants for their daughters. If a 17-year-old dyes her hair, she can dye it back or grow it out. If she decides to get breast implants, it is a decision that will permanently change her body. If she wasn’t satisfied with the size of her breasts before implants, imagine how she will feel to have breasts that are just as small and also sagging.

Why Weren’t Implants Studied Before They Were Sold to Women?

With all the problems and unanswered questions about breast implants, the obvious question is “Why weren’t implants studied first and improved before selling them to women across the country?”

The FDA did not have the authority to regulate any kinds of implants or medical devices until 1976. Implants had been sold since the 1960s, so they were allowed to stay on the market until the FDA reviewed them. Meanwhile, there was a substantial backlog of products that the FDA needed to review, and cosmetic products like breast implants were not a priority. Unfortunately, the manufacturers did not conduct long-term studies until the FDA required them.


The more than one million women who have breast implants are, without their realizing it, part of a natural “study” to learn what the risks are. Women deserve to be told what is known, and what is not known, before they make this decision. And, if a woman with implants complains of symptoms, she needs to find a plastic surgeon who has a reputation for helping women with implant problems.

FDA Implant Victory

After months of advocacy by a number of groups, including us, the US Food and Drug Administration turned down wider reintroduction of silicone breast implants. The FDA also instituted stricter guidelines for any future approval. “This is a major victory for our daughter’s health,” according to DADs President Joe Kelly, whose testimony before the FDA drew national media attention. “The FDA ruling also stands up to the insanity of valuing people primarily for their looks. This appearance-first toxicity fuels girls’ insecurity – and fuels the bizarre, wasteful explosion in elective cosmetic surgery.”

Can My Wife Breastfeed

In almost all cases, implants will not prevent the mammary tissues from producing milk or herr nipples from expressing it. If her surgeon used a technique requiring an incision around her nipple, that can affect the milk ducts, and she might have a harder time nursing. If she's concerned, suggest that she asks her ob-gyn or her plastic surgeon. As for the safety of the milk, no studies have shown that breast milk becomes contaminated by silicone or other products in implants. The milk ducts and implants are in different areas. Source:

Male Breast Reductions

As they move into the new millennium, more and more men are considering plastic surgery as a viable way to improve their appearance. In 1999, close to 11,000 males underwent surgery in America for gynecomastia, which is the medical term for benign enlargement of the male breast tissue. In practical terms, this means abnormally large breasts on men.

Rarely talked about, this condition can cause embarrassment and emotional trauma in boys and men alike who suffer from it. Some estimates reveal 40 to 60 percent of men are affected by this condition. Gynecomastia can develop in either one breast or both. For those males embarrassed or feeling self-conscious about their appearance due to this condition, breast reduction surgery can help. The results of the procedure are significant and permanent. Most males undergoing surgery for gynecomastia have been very satisfied with the results. MORE

Breast Implant Web Sites May be Biased

Women seeking information about breast implants may want to think twice before relying on the Internet as an accurate source of information. Researchers at the Cooper H!ospital University Medical Center in Camden, New Jersey used three search engines to find 41 websites focused on breast augmentation.

'Sweet 16' Birthday Gift Causes Concern in Britain

Jenna Franklin is only 15 but she thinks she knows the secret to a successful future -- bigger breasts. Jenna's parents want their daughter to be happy, so they've agreed t!o pay for breast enlargements as a 16th birthday present. The unusual gift grabbed tabloid headlines Thursday, as Britons debated what kind of society places such a high value on appearance, particularly for young women.

Nose jobs are okay, but implants aren't?

While I agree that the British teenager whose mother wants to give her breast implants is too young for the surgery, I question all the fuss about this particular operation. Many teens get nose jobs or breast reductions -- why are those okay to do?

MTV Glamorizes Getting Breast Implants

At least two evenings this week, MTV has run an hour-long special with a three to one support for breast implants, and the sole disscenter received considerably less time regarding the down sides. So, we want you to know that other side. (Since December, this program continues to re-run on at least a weekly basis.)

Interesting side-bar. Sony Flat Screen TV sponsored the show with its ad support.

The Silicone Holocaust site should be mandatory viewing for any man who wants his significant to get breast implants! This is Informed Concent, something your plastic surgeon and their media don't want you to see. Thousands of women are suffering and many are dying, because the FDA didn't do their job. This site will show some of the horrors of disease, and disfigurement, associated with toxis breast implants. This is to alert you to the dangers of implants (in spite of the Science Panel's findings) and will help present the side of the story that your plastic surgeon and the media don't tell. But be prepared. It isn't a pretty site. or E-Mail

Miss Bimbo Delivers Poor Gaming Messages

New online game encourages crash diets, breast implants and diet meds to make their dolls fabulous.

As the video game industry awaits the public reaction for the next 'Grand Theft Auto' game, CNN Europe reports that a new Web site game called Miss Bimbo encourages pre-teen and teenage girls to seek crash diets, breast implants and medications to enhance their dolls. While the description sounds familiar to fans of the fashion world, girls as young as 7 sign up with the Miss Bimbo site and get a naked doll. From there, they're encouraged to enhance characters with sexy outfits and other items in order to get them ready to go out clubbing. The goal is to stay wafer thin, eating every once in a while.

Already derided in the UK after it's short one-month existence, Miss Bimbo has gained the evil eye of parents who are beginning to wake up to some of the messages that the game encourages, ones which many parents don't agree with. While the game is free, each user has a limited amount of "virtual money," which is only remedied by the user sending a $3 text message, working, or finding a billionaire "sugar daddy" to help with funding.

With roughly 200,000 users in Britain and a new French version, it seems like its only a matter of time before the game that proclaims itself as a "virtual fashion for girls" comes to U.S. shores.

Florida Teen Dies After Breast Surgery

A South Florida teenager who was captain of her high school cheerleading squad and had plans to become a doctor died after corrective breast surgery, a family attorney said.

Stephanie Kuleba, 18, died Saturday, about 24 hours after her surgery. Kuleba was rushed to Delray Medical Center about two hours into the procedure to correct asymmetrical breasts and inverted areola, family attorney Roberto Stanziale said.

Kuleba went to her doctor's outpatient office, not a hospital for the procedure, reports CBS News' The Early Show. Both her plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist were board certified.

--At 8:05 a.m. on Friday Kubela went into surgery.

--At 9:15 a.m., the operating room nurse said everything is fine.

--At 9:45 a.m., the doctor said that there is a problem and that paramedics are on their way.

--At around 11:30 a.m., at the Delray Medical Center, the doctor tells Kuleba's family that they believe Stephanie suffered from malignant hyperthermia and is placed in intensive care.

A message left after-hours at the clinic where Kuleba's surgery was performed was not immediately returned and a telephone listing for the Kuleba family was unavailable.

Grieving friends turned Kuleba's parking space at a Boca Raton high school into a makeshift memorial with flowers, candles and a teddy bear. Friends called Kuleba "Sunshine" because of her blonde hair and smile.

"I have chills right now just thinking about it," Ashley Gutknecht, 18, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "It doesn't seem real."

Viva La Boobies! 7 Things To Know About Breasts

Breasts are amazing – they are beautiful, they nourish babies, and they have an intelligence of their own.

Breasts have so many incredible benefits for the health of humanity, the power of women, and the nurturing of the future generations.

Your breasts deserve a medal of honor – plus nurturing, pampering, and respect.

Yet, our breasts are suffering from the dangerous effects of rising environmental toxins in our food, water, air, and toiletries, degrading media, restrictive fashion, and lack of empowering health education for women.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was at a conference and the organizers asked me to get up on stage and speak about breast health. They said it was vital that we get more people to understand and value the importance of caring for our healthy breasts and that in order to get people’s attention I needed to be topless to speak. While I was still pondering whether or not I felt comfortable with being topless on stage, I woke up.

A few days later Angelina Jolie announced her decision to have her healthy breasts surgically removed because of her potential cancer risk. This action has inspired me even more to realize how vital it is that we join in this conversation and speak about how to naturally care for our breasts, how our environment, diet, and lifestyle impact our health, and why breast health is more important than every before.

Thus, my intention is to share positive inspiring information to support women to love their breasts and learn about ways to naturally care for our amazing breasts.

Let’s uplift breasts to the status level they deserve!

7 Amazing Things to Know About Breasts

#1 Breasts want freedom.

Bras restrict the movement of lymphatic fluid through the breasts, underarm, and shoulders, thus causing toxins to build up in the breast tissue. Underwire bras are the worst culprit, as the metal also can disrupt the energy flow through the breast area.

A recent French study has shown that women who don’t wear bras actually have perkier breasts even as they age.

Exercising, dance, and rebounding without a bra also allows the body’s movements to support lymphatic flow and proper drainage of the breasts. The natural movement of the breasts as the body exercises and moves is another essential component to lymphatic health in the breasts.

#2 Breasts need massage.

There is no muscle tissue in a women’s breasts, so breasts need assistance to enhance circulation through the breast. A woman’s breasts are mostly fat tissue along with milk ducts, connective tissue, nerves, and lymph glands.

Self breast massage is an important regular practice for women to support their blood and lymph circulation and reduce build-up of toxins and hormones in the fatty tissue of the breasts.

Massage your breasts daily with a natural cold-pressed vegetable oil, such as coconut, almond, or jojoba oil. You can also add pure essential oils such as rose, jasmine, or clary sage to your massage oil base.

I’m not talking about “man-handling” here, I’m talking about gentle self massage in which you get to know what your breasts feel like, notice any changes, and use gentle lymphatic and circulatory movements to enhance health.

#3 Breasts are hot.

It has been well-documented that a woman’s breasts will synchronize with her newborn baby to become the perfect temperature. When a mother and baby are skin-to-skin postpartum, her breasts will naturally adjust their temperature to regulate the baby’s body temperature optimally.

A mother of twins will have each of her breasts match the ideal temperature for each one of her twins. A women’s breasts are more reliable and efficient than any baby warmer. So breasts are totally hot – just not in the way people usually talk about.

#4 Breastmilk has a gazillion medicinal uses.

Breastmilk is pretty much the most amazing food substance available to mankind.

Mother’s milk is completely unique and not possible to replicate (despite what you may have heard from the formula companies). It actually changes minute by minute, day to day, to provide exactly the right nourishment and immunities that a baby needs as determined by the breast through receiving information from the baby’s saliva on the areola.

There are over 400+ identified nutrients in human breast milk, including probiotics and an abundant source of stem cells. The first milk that comes out is colostrum, which is rich with immune factors and is considered to be “liquid gold”, and extremely important for the life-long health of the baby.

Breastmilk is also used by wise mamas for many purposes including putting on diaper rash, earaches, pink eye, sore throats, and many other healing needs. When a women breastfeeds the breastmilk bathes her milk ducts as it passes through to her baby, thus providing increased breast health and preventing breast cancer in direct relation to how long she nurses.

#5 Breasts are energy centers.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete system of health that has been practiced for thousands of years, based upon the movement of energy through the body on the meridians (energy lines) and acupoints (nodes of energy on the meridians). There are six meridians that run through the breast area, and three of them are the Kidney, Liver, and Stomach meridians where most breast lumps and cancer develop.

TCM treats breast cancer by addressing the energy stagnation and movement of qi. Acupuncture and TCM are holistic ways to promote breast health and can be used in combination with other health care treatments as well. Massaging the acupressure points along the meridians, or holding these energy points around the breasts, can help with promoting breast and whole body health and vitality.

Underwire bras can also interfere with the energy moving through the meridians in the breasts, another reason to let your boobs go free, or invest in a soft supportive natural fiber bra.

#6 Breasts are a lot like canaries.

You’ve heard about the canary in the coal mine? Miners would take canaries down in the mines with them, because the birds were so sensitive that if the environment was toxic the canaries would die, and then the miners would know to get out of there immediately! Breasts are extremely sensitive, they receive information from the environment and their tissues collect toxins and hormones, like jet fuel and flame retardants.

When breastfeeding, the saliva from the baby is absorbed into the areola and the breasts then immediately respond by providing the nutrients and immune factors that the baby needs based upon the breast’s incredibly sensitive receptors.

Breast cancer is now the most common form of cancer for women in the US, and it’s not because breasts or our genes are the problem. Our breasts are the canaries letting us know that our environment is toxic and we must make changes in our health, diets, exposure, and detox. Due to the over 70,000 chemicals now used in the US over the last 100 years, we are living in a toxic soup and exposed to chemicals in our air, food, water, homes, cars, clothes, and more. Our breasts are letting us know that we need to create a healthy change for our longevity and the future generations.

#7 Breasts are beautiful.

Your breasts are perfect for you. All kinds of breasts are beautiful. Breasts change in shape and size over life, and that’s okay. Some men like large breasts, others prefer small breasts, and some like medium sized. Whatever shape or size of your boobs is just right. Love your breasts! They have superpowers, they are intelligent, and they are amazing!

In Mongolia, when a baby fusses, everyone lifts up their shirt and shakes their breasts for the baby, and the baby calms down and looks around amazed. Everyone laughs and smiles shaking their boobs, including mom, grandma, and grandpa too! So smile and love your boobs, they are awesome.

Viva La Boobies!

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