Bud Nip

Menstuff® has information on Bud Nip (chlapropham-Long-term exposure to chlorpropham may cause tumors ) sprayed on vegetables. Bud Nip goes through the whole vegetable so washing them doesn't help

Chlorpropham (commercial names: Beet-Kleen, Bud Nip, Chloro IPC, CIPC, Furloe, Sprout Nip, Spud-Nic, Taterpex, Triherbide-CIPC and Unicrop CIPC) is a plant growth regulator and herbicide used as a sprout suppressant for grass weeds, alfalfa, lima and snap beans, blueberries, cane berries, carrots, cranberries, ladino clover, garlic, seed grass, onions, spinach, sugar beets, tomatoes, safflower, soybeans, potatoes, gladioli and woody nursery stock. It is also used to inhibit potato sprouting and for sucker control in tobacco. Chlorpropham is available in emulsifiable concentrate and liquid formulations.

Chlorpropham is within the maximum residue limit regulation in Germany germination inhibitors approved for the treatment of potatoes for the purpose of preservation after harvest. Chlorpropham products are also approved as a germination inhibitor for potatoes in Austria and Switzerland.

In the U.S., products containing chlorpropham must bear the signal word "Caution" (Editor's note: but it doesn't appear to be the case in Oregon and 8 different potatoes that I am testing purchased from Fred Myer, Brookings on March 7, 2012.)

Source:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chlorpropham


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