Bush's Ecology Plan

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on the Bush administration's eneregy bill - a bill that would increase our dependence on oil, not reduce it. It would also increase the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation.

The Senate is considering a similar bill. Your Senator needs to hear from you today. This energy bill would:

The House has already passed an energy bill that's even worse -- for example, the House bill would allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Senate bill, if it passes, would be combined with the House bill, so it would bring certain environmental disaster, while exacerbating our national security challenges.

Please call your Senator now.

*: The bill raises new nuclear proliferation risks by reversing a ban on reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. The US banned this practice during the Ford administration because of concerns that the separated materials could be used to make nuclear weapons. Now North Korea is doing just that. The Senate energy bill would to jump-start this practice, training new scientists how to do it and creating the technology to spread the capability.

**: the Public Utilities Holding Company Act.

Source: www.sierraclub.org/energy/bush_bill.asp  

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