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Appropriate Greeting Cards

Browsing through the greeting card section, whether it is Hallmark, American or one of the many others, brings men, and those who love men, face-to-face with some pretty shaming greeting cards. Most of which, if the genders were reversed, would probably have picket lines forming around greeting card shops everywhere. But, since most of the negative ones put men down, no one seems to react - except maybe to purchase one to send the that man who "deserves" it.

We want you let you know about a line of greeting cards and don't fall in that trap. Yes, Hallmark and American do have some positive cards. We're talking about buying from greeting card companies that only have positive messages.

One such company is InnerActoins Ltd out of Rochester, NY. InnerActions, Ltd. brings 'real life' to greeting cards with emotional expressions that fit the complexities of today's relationships. Our unique lines of cards contain strong, personal messages, that go straight through the eyes, directly to the heart. Our verses have been reviewed by psychologists who believe that our lines have a psychological depth unlike any other on the market today. Don't believe it? Read for yourself...

Talk to Your Kids The 'Talk To Your Kids' Collection is dedicated to the modern-day struggle of parenting. We bring a new voice of reasoning when parents are at a loss for words. (Not recommended as a replacement for parental guidance.)

Communication Cards: Communication Cards were designed for everyday relationships. This line is particularly appealing for confrontation, closure, or validation.

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Let us know of any greeting card companies you are aware of that just distribute positive cards.

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