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Code Adam, one of the country's largest child-safety programs, was created and promoted by the Wal-Mart® retail stores and named in memory of 6-year-old Adam Walsh whose abduction from a Florida shopping mall and murder in 1981 brought the horror of child abduction to national attention.

When a customer reports a missing child to a store employee, a "Code Adam" alert is announced over the public-address system. A brief description of the child is obtained and provided to all designated employees who immediately stop their normal work to search for the child, and monitor all exits to help prevent the child from leaving the store.

If the child is not found within 10 minutes of initiating a store-wide search, or if the child is seen accompanied by someone other than a parent or guardian, store personnel contact the local police department and request assistance.

Since the Code Adam program began in 1994, it has been a powerful preventive tool against child abductions and lost children in more than 36,000 stores across the nation. Wal-Mart®, with the help of NCMEC, has generously offered other retailers the opportunity to implement this powerful tool against child abduction."

Look for this Code Adam decal in the windows of the stores you and your family frequent.

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