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If that porn star next to the keg is coming on to you, beware: two minutes of fun could ruin your life.

Rolling Stone's September 18, 2003 issue does an expose on Shane's World, a porn film company from Van Nuys, California, that gets college kids drunk and films them in very compromising sexual situations. UC Santa Barbara, Indiana University and Arizona State University have been the initial targets.

The scenario: A van pulls up at a seven-bedroom former frat house located two blocks from the university. Three security guards monitor an overflow crowd of beer-swilling students. Starting with an initial top-secret guest list of 400 people, the party planner has carefully whittled the crowd down to 150 photogenic students, giving guests the closely guarded addreess only minutes before the party. Provided they don't pass out or get bounced for fighting, a select few will get to star in tonight's "gonzo porn" documentary.

The van door slides open, and out bounds Calli Cox, perkly blond porn star. She grabs a megaphone and yells, "The party has arrived!" The crowd roars, and the video cameras light Calli's way as she and her co-stars strut into the barren living room - no furniture, just a keg of beer, black tarps covering the walls and a sea of dirty-dancing drunksl. When asked what he expects tonight, Ben, a 21 year-old chemistry major, says, "A little fucking lesbian actoin, a little double-sided dildo." 

Calli is quickly surrounded by a screaming crowd of drunks. She whips out her bullhorn and asks for volunters to strip down to their underwear. This is the modus operandi to loosen up the crowd with silly party games, humble a few guys, then use them as performers. Three come forward. Calli instructs them to strap on diapers and suck on the baby bottles and pacifiers.

After a few seconds of highly subjectiv adjudication, she decides that Hagen, a 21 year-old UCSB film major, makes the best bady of the bunch. His price: A blow job. And so it goes. More stunts. More prizes. More embarrassing moments on video tape - FOREVER.

Said Buck, one of the victims of the plan, "I wanted to go to law school and maybe be in politics. But what community would want me to represent them now? For years I will have problems, all beacuse of a two-minute mistake." Asked if he has any advice for the California students fresh on the reel, Buck says, "I wish I could warn those kids about what this is going to do to their life. I wish I come have my anonymity back." He adds, "Without showing any ethics, Shane's world has done severe damage to my life and many others' for their own gain."

Talk about not taking responsibility for what he freely and willingly did. If he really had wanted to go into politics, he wouldn't have gotten within a mile of that party. How many other things in life is he going to blame on others? It's time to wake up to reality.

So, be forwarned. If you came to college to do something with your life, know that whatever you do on that video will always be around. Your families are always going to know, and wherever you go and work, it's only a matter of time until those people find out too."

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