The world of forensic science brings us the Consent Condom. Intended as an anti-date-rape device, the spaceage sheath works like this: The woman tears open the package and removes the inner sleeve, which records her fingerprints, signaling her consent. Next, she documents the date by tearing through the numbers that run down its sides. Effective? Yes. But is it a mood killer?"  "Science may not be sexy, but then again, neither are accusations," says inventor David Morrow.

How to Use a Consent Condoms
Relevance to Men
Relevance to Women
Reasons for using a Consent Condom

How to Use a Consent Condoms

How to use a consent condom & a typical sexual scenario and HOW TO AVOID misunderstanding.

1) When you're out on a first date or out with friends you talk to someone you are attracted to and find that after a while you are getting along really well...

2) Having enjoyed your night out you both head home feeling happy, positive and at ease with each other.

3) You enjoy a stimulating conversation and get to know each other better over a glass of wine and begin to feel like you don't want the night to end...

4) Your attraction turns into a kiss and already your sexual excitement is high, your emotions heightened by the situation.

5) As a mature adult you or your partner produce the product and sensibly raise the issue of consent and condom use. This also opens up a window for you both to consider whether you are ready and willing to have sex. It is a time when you can rationalize and clarify your position. YES/NO

6) If YES the woman then opens the packet and removes the inner sleeve which is laminated to retain finger and thumb prints (this packet is only for the woman to open)

7) The woman then unfolds the inner sleeve and hands the condom to her partner

8) To ensure that she has consented this time, and only this time, she tears the date, month and year

9) The woman then places the insert back into the outer packet and gives the whole thing back to her partner

10) Private and Confidential!!!

Relevance to Men

  • "It has often been pointed out that the primary difference between the act of rape and lawful sexual intercourse is lack of consent."
  • When a woman says NO she means it and you had better listen - if you do rape her you deserve to be punished.
  • If she says YES then she will be willing to use this product but you must always wear the condom.
  • Don't let the contents of your trousers rule your head and please don't be ambiguous - Be Adult.
  • No matter how good a lover you are Rape is Rape and the consequences will reflect the seriousness of the crime.
  • This product helps to prove the case of explicit consent to sexual relations.
  • It shows a great maturity within a new relationship and that you are respectful of her wishes.
  • The introduction of the product shows you are being an adult about the situation and it gives you both time to think about your actions.
  • Make a start right now and read the section on 'Relevance to Women' it will help to give you a more balanced view and gain a female perspective on the issues raised.

Relevance to Women

  • If you mean NO say NO - Be Adult, you are under absolutely no obligation.
  • If you are saying YES be prepared to use a Consent Condom but only open the product if he agrees to wear the condom.
  • Using a Consent Condom will reduce your sexual partner's anxiety and should lead to an improved stress free performance as well as giving you peace of mind that he will wear a condom.
  • If you were raped report it. Don't become a victim and don't let him get away with it. Support and counseling are readily available and can help you to cope and control the situation by giving you help and advice.
  • If it was just 'a bad experience' but you consented try and learn from it - Seek help - and move on
  • The Consent Condom gives you more power and sets off the mechanism of thought, 'Do I really want to sleep with this man?'
  • The product highlights the user as a Responsible Adult through using or even producing the product, bringing immediate ground rules to a relationship.
  • Never make a false accusation as I'm sure you are aware of the potential consequences for both you and your sexual partner.
  • Helps resolve the problem of the 'C' (condom) word.

Reasons for using a Consent Condom

1. Avoiding Pregnancy and Abortion. Women are frequently faced with the problem of unwanted pregnancy and there are approximately 510 abortions in the UK every day. In the case of a 'one-nighter' an illicit, temporary or going nowhere relationship a baby is the last thing either party wants to have to deal with. Abortions can be both physically and mentally scarring and can effect the future fertility of the women as well as her peace of mind during pregnancy.

2. New Relationship. Although an exciting and emotionally charged time, introducing a condom in the early stages of a new relationship shows a responsible and respectful attitude towards your partner. Obviously unaware of each other's sexual history it is always better to prevent than to cure. It also shows a degree of integrity and maturity. If he won't use the product then he's not as mature as you may think and if she won't use it, neither is she.

3. STI (Sexually transmitted Infection). These infections can have both immediate and long-term effects. What is particularly worrying is that they are often undetectable until they manifest themselves in a serious, often untreatable way. Many other infections cause irritation and painful complaints and can be easily transmitted through sexual contact but using a condom will significantly lower the risk of ever catching them.

4. HIV / AIDS. 'Human Immunodefieciency Virus' and 'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome'Complicated names for complicated diseases. Perhaps the most well known and definitely the most severe and life threatening infections. They can be treated yet despite many years of intensive research they cannot be cured.

5. Just in Case. In the regrettable case of a false accusation of sexual malpractice the product helps to raise the issues of consent and is admissible in court. It is hoped that it can be seen and used as an important protective device for both parties by bringing mutual consent into the sexual arena and removing the element of misunderstanding.

6. Final Thought. When the emotions are highly charged as in a sexual encounter the consent condom allows for a moment of clarity. Before foreplay it gives you time to rationalise and allows for a period in which you can make the decision as to whether you want to continue. Are you in control of both your emotions and the situation?

Having considered the above it is clear that with this product there should be no misunderstanding between two consenting adults. You are both acting responsibly and maturely, he is using a condom and she cares enough to show she means yes.

A win-win scenario. Be safe - Be responsible - Be adult.


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