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$258 Million Per Day

In 2001, Prevent Child Abuse America released a report estimating that the U.S. spends $258 million each day as a direct or indirect result of the abuse and neglect of our nation's children. The estimate includes direct costs associated with intervening to help, and treating the medical and emotional problems suffered by abused and neglected children, as well as the indirect costs associated with the long-term consequences of abuse and neglect to both the individual and society at large. The annual costs are equivalent to $1,451.55 per U.S. family.

The data used to obtain the total cost to society was based on research from a variety of sources, which was then compared with data relating to child abuse and neglect. Since conservative estimates were used, the actual annual cost of child maltreatment in the US could be higher than its estimate of $94 billion per year.


Direct Cost
Daily Estimate



Chronic Health Problems


Mental Health Care System


Child Welfare System


Law Enforcement


Judicial System


Total Direct Costs


Indirect Costs


Special Education


Mental Health & Health Care


Juvenile Delinquency


Lost Productivity to Society


Adult Criminality


Total Indirect Costs


Total Daily Cost


Source: For complete information see Fromm, S., 2001 Annual Cost of Child Maltreatment, Prevent Child Abuse America.

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