"DDT Harmless to Humans"

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Question: This is not the beach at Ibiza. What is it?

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Buzzing around on the sand, young bathers at Jones Beach, New York, race towards clouds of DDT sprayed across the beach in 1945. Used to eradicate flies and malaria-carrying mosquitoes, the pesticide was later found to be harmful, despite the reassurances on this truck's sign. Because of its longterm effects on wildlife, DDT was banned for general use in the United States in 1972. The sign reads: "D.D.T. Powerful insecticide harmless to humans. Applied by Todd Insect Fog Applicators. Nausau County Extermination Comm. L.I. State Park Comm."
Source: National Geographic Swim Suits: 100 years of pictures, April 28, 2003

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