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The Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace

On Sunday, Dec 18, 2005 at 6:30 the San Francisco CBS affiliate (channel 5) will airi a prototype show called "30 Min. Bay Area", which will preceed their regular 60 Minutes show at 7 pm.

Dana King, the local CBS evening news anchor, asked Judy Kimmell several months ago, if she could do a story about The Peace Alliance and the Department of Peace legislation (she has been to some of our local events). So this is the outcome. CBS has invested quite a bit of time and energy into this, sending the producer to Washington, DC to interview Kucinich and other Representatives, to the Institute of Peace, then to New York to interview Walter Cronkite. Of course you never know how things will be presented in a news segment, and I do think we will get some good coverage. By the way, if you like the show, please give them feedback ( to encourage them to do more of this type of programing as well as to acknowledge Dana and the wonderful producer Craig Franklin.
Source: The Peace Alliance, P.O. Box 3259, Center Line, Michigan 48015

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