Erotic in Nature

Menstuff® has compiled the following group of photos showing the erotic side of nature. While many people are afraid to see an exposed breast in public (Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl and breast-feeding in public are two examples) much less a genital, in some countries like India, virtually millions of men spend their lives walking throughout India naked and virtually everyone views it as natural and don't rush to hide their children's eyes or write a letter to the editor wanting to create laws to prevent it, or fine people, or jail them, etc. for such displays. But nature doesn't abide by human's laws or letters to the editor. It presents us with its own brand of erotica, naturally. Hope you enjoy.

This is not a pornography site. However, the materials that may be accessed through this site may be inappropriate for those under 18 and may include content that is sexual in nature. Do not use this web site if you are under 18 unless you have permission from a parent or legal guardian. Thank-you.

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1. Trees 2. Cautus 3. Rock 4. Rock II. 5. Crevice 6. Waterfall

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Sex is much bigger than genitals. It's a matter of sensory awareness, living in the physical world and reacting to it in a sensory way. - Camille Paglia

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