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Nicolette Sheridan and the FCC
Janet Jackson and the FCC

Janet Jackson and the FCC

With today marking the one-month anniversary of Janet Jackson's Super Bowl, um, appearance, TSG is presenting a sampling of letters sent to the Federal Communications Commission following the controversial halftime show. While the FCC received more than 200,000 e-mails and letters about the incident, we were only willing to fork over $249.90 for 1570 representative letters. As expected, the overwhelming majority of these missives were harshly critical of Jackson, Justin Timberlake, MTV, and CBS. Along with calls for heavy fines and license revocations, many correspondents actually suggested that the two singers be imprisoned. We were also surprised how many letter writers claimed to have been watching the game with their church group, all of whom were aghast when Jackson's right nipple made its brief, shadowy debut. But while so many complainants claimed to have been shocked at the site of Jackson's breast, not a single e-mail provided to TSG (pursuant to a Freedom of Information request) was sent the night of the game. It wasn't until the American Family Association and other conservative groups began screaming that the FCC's mailbox began to swell. Below you'll find some of our favorite letters whining about the halftime show (all redactions were done by the FCC). We've also included some positive missives from those who did not believe Janet's nipple imperiled the Republic. (23 pages)


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